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                    How to Choose Bluetooth Speaker

Some friends want to buy a bluetooth speaker. I have seen various styles of bluetooth speakers on the Internet, but I don’t know which brand is suitable for me, so I want to know how to choose a bluetooth speaker according to the search. Just share the work experience of buying Bluetooth speakers with everyone.

1. Classification of the application scenarios of Bluetooth speakers 2. The key to purchasing Bluetooth speakers 3. The specifications of well-known brands of Bluetooth speakers are strongly recommended 1: Application scenarios of Bluetooth speakers are classified 1: Application in the room ①2.0 speakers Add Bluetooth function

Bluetooth speakers on the desktop

2: Outdoor application ①Portable beginner Bluetooth speaker for beginners

②Mid and high-end outdoor Bluetooth speakers

Two: The key to buying a Bluetooth speaker depends on those aspects 1. Sound quality

Sound quality is a very important point for speakers. For novices who do not understand speakers, it is very likely that you will not hear the specific sound effects when ordering speakers online, but you can check the frequency stability above the performance parameters. It is recommended that everyone choose If the frequency stability is more than 70dB, because the greater the frequency stability, the stronger the anti-interference ability, and the better the actual sound quality is guaranteed.

2. Bluetooth version of mobile phone

The Bluetooth speakers you buy are mainly based on mobile phone Bluetooth. The higher the Bluetooth version of the mobile phone, the faster the acceptance speed, and the longer and farther the interval. The output power of the speaker audio speaker is about small. The sound quality of Bluetooth speakers will also be better. At this stage, the Bluetooth versions of mobile phones on the market are 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, ..5.0 and other versions. In the case of purchase, the other main parameters are the same as possible to choose the higher version.

3. Battery life

If it is an unplugged portable Bluetooth speaker or outdoor Bluetooth speaker, battery life is also a very important reference index value. Generally, the longer the battery life, the better. Battery power=use time×machine equipment output power÷battery voltage, so the larger the volume, the longer the battery life. Everyone can calculate the battery life according to this formula.

4. Function

I think the most important thing is not moisture-proof. Due to the long-term use of Bluetooth speakers, it is inevitable to encounter water conditions. It is best to choose a moisture-proof Bluetooth speaker. In addition, look at other additional functions that are necessary for itself.

5. Material design

My own opinion is to select bluetooth speakers from large factories with guaranteed quality. There are no problems with general materials. Regarding the design, today's bluetooth speakers are of various kinds. Choose your favorite according to your own preferences. of.

Three: Bluetooth speakers The specifications of well-known brand models are strongly recommended 1: 2.0 speakers plus Bluetooth function speakers, well-known brand models and specifications are strongly recommended 1. Edifier R1000BT

Classic model, hot for many years, user reviews have been very good, the Bluetooth function is very convenient to use.

2. Edifier R1700BT

The wood texture is very layered, and the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is very convenient. After connecting, you can listen to the music in the mobile phone. The conscience is equipped! And equipped with a Bluetooth remote control, one key can switch the Bluetooth and cable TV of the mobile phone. The sound quality is no one, and the price is very cost-effective.

3. Hivi HiVi D1090

The overall air, calm, and elegant! The wooden speaker box is square, the water chestnut wire frame is neat and straight, and the skin workmanship is very good. The sound effect doesn't say, the price of 2,000 yuan is a cost-effective choice.

2: Bluetooth speakers on the desktopThe specifications of well-known brand models are highly recommended 1. MOZART MOZART

It is very beautiful and beautiful. It has the advantages of a recorder. The sound quality is very good. It is convenient to close the channel. The good-looking quality is very good. The rechargeable battery has a long application and the mobile phone Bluetooth connection is fast. Retro style, I love it very much.

2. Harman Kardon Aura Studio3

It is one of Harman Kardon’s star products. Regardless of workmanship, sound quality, etc., it is very, very good.

3. Audioengine B2-WAL

It looks very tall and has meticulous workmanship. The Bluetooth cover of the mobile phone is far away, and the connection is stable. The sound quality is very good

3: Portable Bluetooth speakerThe specifications of well-known brand models are strongly recommended 1. Edifier bun

There are mobile phone bluetooth method, card installation method, and another method of making phone calls. Generally, the card installation method is used, which is convenient. The only shortcoming is that you can't cycle single songs, but a single charge can play a powerful day!

2. Extraordinary BV200

The mobile phone Bluetooth reminder is very clear. Remind if there is electricity or not. The key speakers are also pretty good, making calls easy and clear.

4: High-end outdoor bluetooth speakers well-known brand model specifications are strongly recommended 1. Little bird audio ZIPP bluetooth speakers

The sound quality is generally good, with all-round pronunciation, excellent bottom tone, and clear vocal accompaniment

2. B&O beoplay P2

Not too big, it’s good to bring, the sound quality is very good, and the sound is very loud, just turn on 50% of the sound, the endurance is still good, usually two or three days, the battery is charged

3. Bose SoundLink Revolve

Mobile Bluetooth is fast and convenient, and the free downloadable App management method is convenient and visualized. The volume adjustment is convenient, the treble is stable, and the bottom sound is shocking. The appearance design is beautiful and generous, compact and portable, and the power consumption is long.

The above is a detailed introduction of mine. I look forward to everyone's assistance in purchasing Bluetooth speakers after reading it.

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