Basic knowledge about Car audio

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 Basic knowledge about Car audio

                                           Basic knowledge about  Car audio 

1. Car audio source (host) At present, most domestic car audios use CD players, digital broadcasts, DVDs, and Android large-screen players as part of the audio source. , which is what we usually call the host. As the source of sound, it is generally installed in the center console of the car and is the core of all audio systems. Among them, the CD player and digital...

2. Car audio power amplifier The power amplifier is the power amplifier, which is responsible for amplifying the power of the front-end audio signal, and then used to drive the speaker. Generally, the power of the original car host is relatively small, and secondly, the sound quality effect cannot be compared with the external power amplifier. If you want better sound quality or to promote loudspeakers with higher power, it is essential to increase the power amplifier

3. DSP audio processor DSP power amplifier is also called DSP digital power amplifier, which uses DSP chips. Each channel parameter can be adjusted by computer. The biggest difference from the traditional power amplifier is that the DSP power amplifier can better manage the power amplifier through the computer, while the traditional power amplifier

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