Basic knowledge of HIFI audio

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 Basic knowledge of HIFI audio

                                       Do you know the basic knowledge of HIFI audio?

hifi. It is a system, audio source, power amplifier, speakers, cables, listening environment and so on.

sound source.

There are many kinds, and the most common ones are CD players ( and so on. Enthusiasts often play LP vinyl, and even opener. . There is also a pchifi. It is based on pc as the audio source, and generally plays lossless compressed songs such as ape, songs, etc.


This three days and three nights can't be finished.

To put it simply, the commonly used ones are the combined power amplifier and the split power amplifier (pre-stage + post-stage).

In terms of amplification methods, there are tube power amplifiers (tube amplifiers) and transistor power amplifiers (common power amplifiers), class d amplifiers, and so on. . .



In terms of size, there are floor boxes, bookshelf boxes and satellite boxes, etc. The floor box is generally a 3-way frequency, that is, there are high and medium woofers.

Bookshelf boxes are generally 2-way, that is, high and low speakers. The satellite box is better to have a full-range speaker plus a separate bass box (subwoofer).

Different cabinets have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, floor-standing cabinets perform better in large dynamic scenes. The bookshelf box listens to vocals, strings, etc. better.

The satellite box is relatively small and suitable for home use.

Of course, there are no absolutes in the world, and the pros and cons are only in general terms. .


This is where the debate in the hifi field is bigger. The point of contention is whether and how useful the wire is. All signals are transmitted through the wire. How much does the quality of the wire affect the sound quality? Hehe, you should try it yourself.


The listening environment is very important.

It's not that a good set of equipment will sound good anywhere.

Audio is a profound knowledge. It needs to be learned slowly. It will be more efficient to concentrate everyone's wisdom. Let yourself become a master. I will recommend to you the audio that I like. Philips

, Edifiers are still good, Philips is more expensive, there are more fakes, consumers are more passive when choosing, it is not easy to distinguish, for Edifiers, although the price is relatively cheap, but there are still shortcomings, that is It is still mainly used for low-cost audio, so there is still a certain lack of sound quality, and the requirements cannot be too high. Similar to these two, there is also bt-audio.

Hifi is quite good, and the ab bookshelf box is a hifi box with excellent overall performance, which reproduces the classic and pure British sound. Using super instantaneous response unit, the treble is not scattered, the bass is not sticky, the strong sound is not dry, the weak sound is not empty, the warm and mellow sound shows the infinite charm of music, you can feel the legendary and charming melody of British sound, enjoy Experience the hifi speakers with superior pedigree, sound quality and workmanship.

The style contained in the ab bookshelf box comes from the ingenious design of the bt-audio sound engineer. With a refined and elegant appearance, it creates a bedroom and study desktop hifi speaker. The first-class workmanship and sound quality have created the myth of high-end and low-cost in the audio industry, and thoroughly brought the concept of parity to the extreme!

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