Basic knowledge of power amplifiers

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Basic knowledge of power amplifiers

                                      Basic knowledge of power amplifiers

Basic knowledge of power amplifier:

Amplifier is a signal power amplifier. Generally, the power amplifier is divided into left and right channel output and 5.1 channel output. Pure power amplifier is to completely simulate the feeling of listening to music on the stage, and make left and right channels. To this end, use the left and right channel pure power amplifier to listen to music. A power amplifier is to simulate a human being in the environment, and there are sounds entering the ears from front, back, left and right, so 5.1 channel A power amplifier is used for watching videos. Of course, the 5.1 channel pays attention to the sound phase, which is more prominent in sound positioning, but the sound quality is poor, and listening to music is worse. Pure power amplifier pays attention to the restoration of sound, and the sound quality is much better, so choose pure power amplifier for listening to music.

Now let's first classify power amplifiers, because power amplifiers are a general term, and because of different uses, different working methods, and different divisions, it is not easy to generalize which power amplifier is good or bad.

According to the market use, it can be divided into household civil category and stage public system professional category. Here we mainly talk about the family civilian category.

There are two types of households:

1. AV amplifier for home watching movies.

2. HIFI amplifier for listening to music.

After talking about the classification of uses, let's look at the classification of working methods. There are many other ways of classifying power amplifiers. I will say more here. It is more intuitive to use the conductive method that most directly affects the effect of power amplifiers. According to the work method, it can be divided into A, B, AB, D.

Class A features: low efficiency, high power consumption, low distortion

Class B features: high efficiency, high distortion

Class AB features: It combines the features of A and B, but there will also be some more distortions.

Class D features: Class D is also a digital power amplifier, with high efficiency and some distortion, but it can be reduced by digital correction.

At present, the working methods of common household power amplifiers on the market are mainly Class A, Class AB, and Class D.

After the purposes and types of power amplifiers are divided, let's take a look at the internal hardware that determines the quality of power amplifiers.

1. Transformer and power tube, a direct reflection of the power of the power amplifier.

2. Capacitor, how the transient expressive force is controlled depends on the quality of the capacitor. Generally, the better the μF of the capacitor

3. The grade and quantity of the chip, the grade and quantity of the chip in the AV power amplifier determine the power amplifier's decoding computing capability and compatibility with various audio and video formats.

4. Heat sinks, class A and class AB should pay attention to the problem of heat dissipation, which is directly related to the service life of the product.

Basic knowledge of power amplifiers and purchasing skills of power amplifiers

Amplifier purchase skills:

1. In terms of use, if you choose a multi-channel AV amplifier to watch movies, you only need to choose between class AB and class D amplifiers, because multi-channel movies are not two-channel high-fidelity, and some distortion can be Accepted, ordinary users can't hear it. After selecting the type, look at the parameter indicators of the power amplifier and the corresponding internal structure diagram. The choice of AV power amplifier is mainly based on the number of channels you need to select the corresponding product. If the number of channels is the same, choose the one with higher power. The higher the number of chips, the higher the chip level.

2. If you choose to listen to high-fidelity music in terms of use, then we mainly choose class A. If the requirements are not high, class AB and class D can also be considered. The selection of Class A HIFI power amplifier, transformer, power tube, and capacitor are the two things to focus on. It is best to clearly explain the brand of power tubes and capacitors.

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