Best place to install car amplifier

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 Best place to install car amplifier

                              Best place to install car amplifier

1. Under the seat Advantages: Due to the proximity to the receiver, a shorter wire can be used, which can avoid noise influence and signal weakening. At the same time, because it is close to the front speakers, it is easier to connect the speaker cables, and it will not occupy the space for storing luggage. Disadvantages: The seat has to be removed and installed, the bulky amplifier is not suitable, and the...

2. On the fire board (on the side of the passenger seat) Advantages: The same can be used with shorter wires, and there is no need to remove the seat. Disadvantages: It is suitable for compact power amplifiers, and it is close to the noise source.

3. In the trunk Advantages: There is enough space to install a large power amplifier, and it is closer to the rear speakers. Disadvantages: Part of the storage space will be sacrificed, and the wire used is also longer.

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