CD player

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CD player

                                                         CD player

The CD player is actually the CD player that we often talk about in our daily life, and some people call it a CD player or a player. It is an intelligent high-fidelity stereo audio equipment controlled by a microcomputer. It adopts advanced laser technology, digital technology, computer technology and various new components. It has high-density recording and long playback time (up to 60~75 minutes). ), easy operation, fast song selection, etc. It can reproduce recorded content realistically, with distinct layers and a sense of presence. Its sound technical indicators are very high, the dynamic range is large, the frequency response width is 5~20000Hz, and the distortion is as small as 0.003%. At present, CD players are very common audio playback equipment, and can be divided into desktop and portable according to their shape. The most famous portable CD players are Sony, Panasonic and so on. CD player is mainly composed of laser pickup and turntable system portable CD player, servo system, signal processing system, information

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