Ceiling speaker

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Ceiling speaker

                                                     ceiling speakers

The ceiling speaker, also known as the ceiling speaker, is an important member of the public address system. It is an electro-acoustic conversion device installed on the ceiling. It is used to convert the audio electric power signal input by the amplifier into sound power signal and then radiate it to the space that needs sound supply in the form of sound waves. Generally used in public places, the audio power signal is input in a constant voltage mode, and there are also places where the space is not too large, and the signal is input in a constant resistance mode.

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Ceiling speaker IC625

Ceiling Speaker | Fire Speaker | Fire Broadcast Speaker

According to the size: 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, etc.;

According to the power: 3W, 6W, 10W, 20W, 40W, etc.;

According to the installation method, there are: exposed ceiling horn, concealed ceiling horn;

According to the function, there are: waterproof ceiling horn, fireproof ceiling horn, active ceiling horn.

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It consists of T iron, washer, magnet, elastic wave, paper cone, voice coil, dust cap, glue, electronic wire, transformer, pot frame, iron mesh, back cover and installation accessories.


It is widely used in various places such as guests, hotels, factories, schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, clubs, villas, etc., as a restoration device for various sounds such as background music, fire broadcasts, paging broadcasts, and public broadcasts.

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