Classification of bluetooth speakers

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Classification of bluetooth speakers

                                             Classification of bluetooth speakers

Mainly according to the pronunciation unit and use can be divided into several types.

The first category: mini portable with single speaker

The mini portable bluetooth speaker is mainly divided into a speaker, a speaker + a bass radiator, a speaker + phase reversing hole and a speaker diaphragm in terms of pronunciation units. In terms of function, it is mainly divided into ordinary monocular mini Bluetooth speakers and outdoor mini Bluetooth speakers.

Ordinary monocular mini bluetooth speaker

In the initial stage of bluetooth speakers, this simple single-tube bluetooth speaker is the most prosperous. Due to the simple structure and process, no special technical support is required, and it has attracted a large number of manufacturers to produce. Because of its low price, it is very popular with people who are new to Bluetooth speakers. There are countless such speakers on the market for a while. It has made a lot of credit for people to know and be familiar with Bluetooth speakers. However, due to the constraints of its own conditions such as its small sound cavity, serious product homogeneity, and low price, it is difficult to make breakthroughs in the sound quality of the speakers, and the battery life is relatively short, mostly between 2 and 3 hours. The use of speakers is very limited, and most of them can only be used in fixed places. Most of the people who use it have no requirements for sound quality, so the low-cost ordinary monocular Bluetooth speakers are easy for the public to buy.

Outdoor monocular mini bluetooth speaker

Since it is difficult for ordinary mini bluetooth speakers to meet the requirements of the outdoor environment, outdoor mini bluetooth speakers came into being. It is wireless, portable, and can be used outdoors at home. It can meet the basic requirements of waterproof and fall resistance, and can meet simple outdoor sports. However, due to the limitation of its small size, its sound quality cannot have a major breakthrough. There have been breakthroughs in portability and waterproof and fall resistance, and the battery life is generally 3 to 5 hours and can only be used for short outdoor activities. As a transitional product of outdoor Bluetooth speakers, its price is relatively cheap. The main advantage of this type of speaker is that it is small, portable, and easy to carry, but the other side of its compactness is the mediocre sound quality, poor bass, and short battery life.

The second category: the perfect combination of dual speaker sound quality and portability

This kind of Bluetooth speaker mainly includes two speakers, two speakers + one diaphragm, two speakers + inverted hole, two speakers + two diaphragms and so on in terms of pronunciation units. In terms of function, it is mainly divided into mini home Bluetooth speakers and outdoor sports Bluetooth speakers.

Mini home bluetooth speaker

This type of speaker has been greatly improved in sound quality and can basically meet the use of the vast majority of people, unless you have high and professional requirements for sound quality. Its sound quality is good, it is compact and portable, it is basically the size of the palm, suitable for home placement, and it is a good Bluetooth speaker with a variety of shapes and product design differences. However, since it is not specially designed for outdoor sports, the product has a general grip, and there is no waterproof and anti-fall function, so it is mainly used indoors.

Outdoor sports bluetooth speaker

Outdoor sports models are upstarts in the Bluetooth speaker market. It combines the various advantages of the previous speakers. The speaker has a good grip and is convenient for portability. It can not only meet the home use, but also meet the long-term outdoor use. Due to the relatively high requirements for professional technology and the use of materials, generally only some big brand merchants design and produce, the workmanship is more meticulous, the materials are more elegant, and there is certain technical support. Its sound quality can reach a relatively high level, better than the general Bluetooth speakers, and can satisfy the vast majority of users. Due to the need to meet some extreme outdoor environments, this type of product is specially designed in material, and generally has a strong three-proof function, and its battery life is long-lasting, generally between 10-20 hours. The price ranges from 400 to 1500 yuan. This kind of speaker that combines portability and sound quality is very practical and applicable, and will become the mainstream of the Bluetooth speaker market in the future.

The third category: large household type with multiple speakers

Multi-speaker large home bluetooth speaker

Multi-speaker large home Bluetooth speakers are mainly known for their sound quality, and the price is relatively expensive. Based on high-demand technical support, it is generally designed and produced for big brand merchants. This kind of Bluetooth speaker pursues an unlimited breakthrough in sound quality, so it is aimed at users who have higher requirements for sound quality, and is relatively small due to its high price.

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