Classification of speakers

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 Classification of speakers

                                   Classification of speakers

Different types of products can be distinguished by different methods. For example, based on the working principle, they can be divided into electric speakers and electrostatic speakers, etc.; Belt type, etc.; According to the magnetic circuit form, it can be divided into external magnetic type, internal magnetic type, dual magnetic circuit type and shielded type, etc.; Cobalt magnet speaker; according to the diaphragm material, it can be divided into paper and non-paper cone speakers. According to the use, it can be divided into subwoofer, center speaker, satellite speaker, etc.; according to the structure, it can be roughly divided into two categories: coaxial speakers and set-type speakers. All speakers can be regarded as structural. It is a variant of these two types of speakers.

A coaxial speaker is a speaker in which several sounding units are arranged as a whole. For example, the tweeter unit is installed inside the midrange unit; while the set-type speaker is just the opposite of the coaxial speaker. There is a frequency divider to separate the input audio signal into different parts such as treble, midrange and bass, and then send them to the corresponding high, medium and woofer units for playback. This frequency divider is a passive divider. The frequency converter is generally unable to meet the player-level requirements, but it is sufficient as a common application.

The tweeter of the coaxial speaker is located above the speaker, and the price is economical and more marketable. It is suitable for friends who initially upgrade their car audio. Because it is easy to drive, but because the treble and mid-bass are mixed and interfere with each other, the sound effect is not as pure as the set speaker. In addition, the unnatural timbre and imperfect positioning of the sound field are also its shortcomings, and its musical effects are not as natural as the set speakers. Although some tens of thousands of car audios also use coaxial speakers, in general, the split is higher than the coaxial speaker.

Kit speakers are widely used in car audio, but not common in home audio. Because car audio and home audio are two different things, home audio corresponds to a standard space and can bring out the effect of speakers satisfactorily. There are many parts on the car, including the instrument panel, seats, etc., which have certain obstacles to the frequency emitted by the speakers. Therefore, the car audio industry has researched and produced a split set of speakers for this purpose. Generally speaking, the listening effect of the set speakers is better than that of the coaxial speakers. Those enthusiasts who have higher requirements on the sound level and want to configure a set of medium and high-end speakers, mostly choose the set speakers.

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