Common sense of power amplifier in car audio

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Common sense of power amplifier in car audio

                         Common sense of power amplifier in car audio

The power amplifier is referred to as the power amplifier, then the car power amplifier is the audio power amplifier in the car audio and video system. It is an amplifier that can produce the maximum power output to drive a load under a given distortion rate, simply amplifying a tiny audio signal to enough power to propel a speaker. The audio input signal is selected and processed, and the power is amplified, so that the electrical signal has the ability to promote the speaker. The car power amplifier is slightly different from the power amplifier in the ordinary home theater. Because many car mainframes integrate the power amplification function and play the pre-amplification function, the car power amplifier is sometimes called post-amplification, which means that it can be connected to the previous amplifier. over high-level input. The power amplifier plays a pivotal role of "organization and harmony" in the entire audio system, controls the channel of audio signal processing, and to a certain level dominates whether the entire system can provide good sound quality output.

As a good car audio system, power amplifier is an indispensable component. All components of a complete car audio system work together to maximize performance and provide good sound quality output. Because the power amplifier on the host often can't really amplify the sound current, it lacks to drive the monomer, so it is necessary to let the signal eat some powerful pills to make the signal stronger. Generally speaking, the power of the power amplifier should be greater than that of the speaker, so as to promote the operation of the speaker more smoothly and safely.

Generally, gain is used to refer to how much the power amplifier can increase the amplitude of the signal. This parameter is often measured in decibels (dB). In mathematical terms, gain is equal to the output amplitude divided by the input amplitude.

The role of bass power amplifiers is often one-sidedly misunderstood. In fact, no matter how high-end cars are, there will be noise, which is determined by the environmental characteristics of the car. The bass part of the music released during driving will be weakened at different levels in the transmission. If a bass amplifier is added, the storage power can be increased, the loss of bass can be supplemented, the distortion can be reduced, and it will sound more natural, not only for the vibration effect.

As the control channel hub, the car power amplifier connects the host and the speaker, so when purchasing the power amplifier, you must consider the cooperation between the host and the speaker, which is directly related to the effect of music playback and the life of the equipment. The matching of car power amplifiers generally refers to impedance matching, frequency matching and power matching. As long as the power amplifier and the speaker achieve impedance matching, power matching, and operating frequency matching, the safe operation of the equipment can be ensured and the maximum potential can be fully exploited.

The power amplifier has a great influence on the sound quality. Generally speaking, audio manufacturers have their own style characteristics. The matching effect of power amplifiers and speakers of the same brand is better, which should be considered first. If you choose famous brand car speakers and power amplifiers, you can usually match them according to their technical parameters. For example, warm sounds can complement the neutralization of cold sounds. For unknown brands, it is best to practice collocation audition, and judge according to the audition effect. Of course, those who like some special tones can choose freely according to their own needs.

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