Daily use of bluetooth speakers

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 Daily use of bluetooth speakers

                                          Daily use of bluetooth speakers

At present, with the continuous development of audio technology, Bluetooth audio has become the favorite of the majority of friends due to its compact appearance and high quality. What are the problems we should pay attention to in use, and how to maintain it to prolong its life, I believe These are the things that everyone must know. The following will tell you the precautions and maintenance of the mini bluetooth speaker.

1. Please do not put the Bluetooth speaker on the position of the airbag in the car, because when the airbag pops up, it may cause serious injury.

2. Please do not in hospitals, blasting sites or places with potential explosive atmospheres where users may be required to turn off electronic equipment and radio devices. Please pay attention to the relevant instructions when entering a specific area.

3. When charging, do not clean the Bluetooth speaker. The speaker and charger should be separated before cleaning.

4. Please turn off the Bluetooth audio before boarding the plane. You cannot use the Bluetooth audio in the plane.

5. Please do not place the Bluetooth speaker in the wash basin or other damp places.

6. To better protect your hearing, please do not turn up the volume too much.

7. Please do not try to make any modifications to the Bluetooth speaker.

8. Please do not forcibly open the built-in battery of the Bluetooth speaker.

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