Davecl Speaker Systems | Stereo & Home Theater Surround Sound

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Davecl Speaker Systems | Stereo & Home Theater Surround Sound

          Davecl Speaker Systems | Stereo & Home Theater Surround Sound

Stereo system refers to a system that can arrange multiple microphones, transmission channels and speaker systems or headphones in a certain order. That is, we usually hear the playback through the sound combination to imitate the natural stereo.

Surround sound: The so-called surround sound is to sound with a sense of azimuth plane space. The surround sound effect actually delays the sound for a certain amount of time before mixing it with the original undelayed sound.

This further enhances the heaviness and charm of the sound. The longer the delay time, the larger the echo space generated. The so-called "reverberating sound around the beam for three days" means this.

2. Center DSP equalization

Center mode: In the audio system of the home theater, the center speaker is mainly used to play the voice of the characters in the screen, and its sound requires good mid-high tone restoration characteristics. Ordinary center speakers require that the upper limit of the frequency response range should reach l2kHz-14KHz.

DSP technology: It uses digital signal processing technology to simulate the sound effects of various hall environments. We know that the same song in different scenes will feel completely different.

For example, in a large concert hall, it sounds grand, and in an open place, the sound is very open. This is the same principle as the selection scene in the Dingge app.

Equalization: Equalization is, for example, if your speaker has two speakers, you turn on the equalization, and if you turn it to the left, the sound of the left speaker will become louder, and the sound of the right speaker will become smaller.

If you tune it all the way to the left, only the left speaker will ring, and the right speaker will not ring. But the overall sound level will not change.

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