Davecl hifi audio  focus on HIFI OEM and ODM

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Davecl hifi audio  focus on HIFI OEM and ODM

Back in the 1990s, China had just opened its doors to worldwide trade and we did a huge amount of OEM and ODM business… labour was, after all, cheap and plentiful. Since then, however, as Chinese living standards have improved so too have labour costs. 


In order to forge a new, more sustainable business going forward, we have taken the lessons learnt from our OEM and ODM business experiences and gone on to create an entire range of in-house designed, hi-fi and home theatre products, employing the very latest technologies as well as contemporary Western design values. We call our brand ‘davecl’... designed by us for YOU to brand in your market. 

We have four primary corporate goals: 1. to create high quality and innovative products. 2. to ensure that we deliver those products on time. 3. to provide excellent aftersales service. 4. to forge mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our international branding partners.

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