Do you know both active speakers and passive speakers?

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Do you know both active speakers and passive speakers?

                                 Do you know both active speakers and passive speakers?

Speakers are the soul of a home theater. And speakers are divided into active and passive. Which one is better to build a home theater?

Active speakers are equipped with a sound amplification circuit in the speakers, which makes active speakers more convenient. It only needs standard sound signals to emit sufficient volume. It is an active speaker with its own built-in electronic frequency divider and amplifier. The use of this type of speaker is relatively simple, and the user only needs to give its signal from the CD player or preamplifier to work. Most of our common multimedia speakers are active speakers.

Passive speakers are one of the most common and widely used speakers on the market. Passive speakers only install a single speaker in the speaker, so the original standard sound must be enhanced by the power amplifier. Its working principle is to divide the sound signal into frequency bands through the frequency divider, and then assign these frequency bands to the phase. The corresponding drive unit emits sound. These speakers require an external amplifier drive to work.

The active type is a real speaker, and the passive type refers to a fake speaker. It has the appearance of a speaker, but it is not powered, but it can be pushed by the air pushed by other speakers to generate resonance to achieve the effect of increasing the sense of low volume.

Advantages of active speakers

No need for post-stage, simple system

One of the great advantages of active speakers is that they can play songs without connecting to the rear-stage driver. It is suitable for friends who want a simpler sound system. Only the player and the speaker can form a complete system.

save space

In addition, the active speakers do not need to be connected to an amplifier, so a lot of space for placing equipment can be saved, which is quite suitable for the CAS system or desktop audio system, which has been very popular in recent years.

Complete package, sound quality guaranteed

Since the speaker itself already has a complete drive circuit and is equipped with decoding and sound division, and if it is input through a digital interface, the sound bottom of the active speaker will be more stable, unlike the passive speaker, which is more affected by wires and amplifiers.

Advantages of passive speakers

More tuning flexibility

Due to the need to connect the amplifier driver, the sound bottom of the passive speaker will be greatly affected by the connected equipment and the same wire. However, in disguise, there is more flexibility in sound tuning. You can use the characteristics of signal lines and amplifiers to complement or improve the performance of speakers.

Just connect the speaker cable

Although it is necessary to connect an amplifier, on the contrary, passive speakers do not need to connect an additional power cable. They only need to connect the signal cable to the amplifier, and they can be driven directly to produce sound.

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