Do you want to change from speaker entry to master--Continued

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Do you want to change from speaker entry to master--Continued

 Do you want to change from speaker entry to master?--Continued

  1. Preliminary understanding of speakers before audition

For the initial understanding of a pair of speakers, the steps of "viewing, weighing, knocking, and identifying" can be used to identify: firstly observe the craftsmanship, secondly weigh the weight, thirdly knock on the cabinet, and four identify the nameplate.

1. Appreciation of craftsmanship: Appearance craftsmanship is to judge the quality and quality from the first appearance of the speaker: the speakers made of natural logs are of course the best, and many world-famous supreme speakers with sky-high prices, including Chario (Italy) Zhuoli), Guarneri Homage, etc., but this kind of good box will never be as popular as the "Rejoice" shampoo that can be seen everywhere because of environmental protection, lack of resources, difficult processing technology, and long time. The price is definitely Can't be low. Therefore, common speakers are decorated with a thin layer of wood veneer on the surface of MDF medium-density fiberboard: speakers with real veneer and exquisite exterior decoration, especially such as rosewood, bird's eye, rosewood, walnut, nannan, red oak Such rare veneer, its natural wood grain visual effect is excellent, and the hand feels smooth and comfortable. Especially the piano lacquer with symmetrical butterfly pattern real veneer coated with multiple layers can be regarded as middle and high-end high-quality speakers, and there are very few counterfeit products. Boxes with PVC plastic covering are of the general market, although they are exquisite in workmanship, it is best to be regarded as low- and medium-grade goods. The box decorated with this patterned paper veneer, although it looks extreme, should pay more attention to whether the leather joints on the back of the box body and the digging and tying process of the speaker installation position are accurate. Counterfeit and inferior products generally do not pay attention to these details, so you can make a correct judgment with a little care.

DEBUG comment: Actually, we almost can't see the real log box even on the HI-FI box. Because wood materials that can meet the requirements of making speakers are extremely rare. For example, the wood used by Chario in many top products is the top Italian red oak that has been grown for more than 40 years. According to Italian environmental protection laws, the purchaser must In addition to the price of the wood, another 10 tree seedlings of the same type will be replanted.

2. It is the weight: good speakers are mostly made of high-quality MDF particle boards of 18-25mm, and high-end flagship speakers are made of super heavy solid wood such as red sandalwood and yellow grapefruit or multi-layer composite plywood, so the weight is very amazing . The net weight of a pair of speakers is usually fifty or sixty kilograms. Most of the mid-to-low-end and large-scale goods use soft-textured particleboard, and the counterfeit and inferior products use low-quality paper rubber sheets, so the weight is generally lighter. There is often a saying in the audio industry that "experts look at quality and laymen weigh weight." Heavy speakers are definitely better than light ones. But be wary of unscruppulous businesses pouring sand and gravel cement at the bottom of the sound body to increase the weight in order to deceive consumers.

DEBUG comment: Here we should pay attention to some wooden speaker products that use curved cabinet design. Although the curved cabinet looks good and is beneficial to acoustic design, due to the needs of processing technology, the wood used in these cabinets is often not as solid as the pure square type. The structure of the product is strong. This is quite embarrassing.

3. It is knocking on the box body: knock the top, bottom, left, right, front and back baffles of the box with knuckles, and the box body emits a heavy and slight crisp sound on all sides. It feels that the texture of the plate is hard and thick, and there are multiple reinforcement ribs inside the box. The structure is reasonable and sturdy, and it has various effects such as sound insulation and anti-standing wave measures. This kind of cabinet is costly and difficult to process, so there are few counterfeit and inferior products. If the box body is knocked with the knuckles to make a "puff, puff" empty sound, it means that the sheet is too thin, the quality of the material is too poor, and the structure is unreasonable. And there is no sound-absorbing material or reinforcing ribs inside, which leads to the formation of a large number of diffuse reflections and standing waves in the box. Buying this kind of speakers will never get a good playback effect.

4. Recognize the nameplate: Really good speakers have a well-made gold-plated or chrome-plated nameplate mark, and the nameplate generally has a distinctive trademark, company, name, place of origin, and corresponding indicators. The imported box has English such as: Made in xxx or Manufacture and corresponding trademarks, speaker indicators, etc. If there is only Design... (XX design) or vaguely marked with only one country name, even apart from a few basic indicators that are simple and extremely imprecise, neither the origin nor the manufacturer can be seen, and there is no trademark or registration mark. . Most of these Sanwu products are suspected of being counterfeit or inferior. Famous-brand speakers attach great importance to brand image and corporate reputation, so the nameplate marks are very standardized and exquisite, and all indicators, corporate names, and origins are all available. Some nameplates are even made of thin metal plated with 24K real gold, and the fonts on them have a bumpy feel. The product not only has the factory date, production serial number, and even the matching serial number and the ID card in the box. For this kind of speakers, as long as the price is reasonable, they can generally be used with confidence.


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