Factory Inspection Standard For Marine Products

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 Factory Inspection Standard For Marine Products

                                         Factory Inspection Standard For Marine Products

With a real understanding of the use environment, we can ensure that every step of the product has been rigorously designed and rigorously tested in the real application environment. The real marine audio must pass the following strict tests before leaving the factory to prove that it can be used for a long time in the harsh marine environment.

1) Humidity and salt spray test

The real risks to electronics in high humidity marine environments are corrosion and mechanical failure. Marine electronics are exposed to salt spray and moisture, which can lead to overall failure even for a short period of time without good protection.

Therefore, there must be special instruments and venues to simulate the extreme marine environment. All products must be tested under these conditions before leaving the factory. Some products are even tested continuously for more than 500 hours, pushing the quality to the extreme.

2) Vibration and shock test

The purpose of vibration testing is to ensure that the product is suitable for jumping environments and violent shocks, and can survive bumps or violent storms without any physical damage or degradation, which is also critical to the life of electronic products.

True marine audio must be rigorously tested in a controlled environment to simulate these conditions before leaving the factory to ensure that each product has a qualified shock and vibration quality, not just for a season, but in the product. the entire life cycle.

3) High temperature and UV test

The harsh ocean climate is also reflected in the extreme temperature difference between day and night, seasons and strong ultraviolet radiation on the ocean.

As a marine entertainment system, its performance must withstand such a test and remain the same, without any physical changes.

Therefore, marine audio must be tested at working temperature (-5°C-55°C) and storage temperature (-20°C-70°C), as well as 200 hours of UVA (long-wave ultraviolet) and UVB (medium-wave ultraviolet) before leaving the factory ) test to ensure that the product still works well in extreme environments.

4) Interface protection (waterproof and dustproof) test

Waterproof certification is an important factor for whether a product meets the requirements of marine grade and product durability. Under normal circumstances, the waterproof level of marine audio can not be lower than IPX5.

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