Four questions about in-wall home theater speakers

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Four questions about in-wall home theater speakers

                           Four questions about in-wall home theater speakers

What are in-wall speakers?

In-wall speakers, also known as embedded speakers and hidden speakers, as the name suggests, are speakers that can be installed in the wall.

The biggest feature of this kind of speaker is to save space, and at the same time, the good concealment is integrated with the original decoration style.

In building a home theater system, the concealment of in-wall speakers improves the style of the entire room a lot, giving people a sense of grandeur, which is why more and more home users prefer this type of speakers. .

wall speaker 625X

Cinema built with in-wall speakers

How many types of in-wall speakers are there?

For now, in-wall speakers can be roughly divided into two categories. The first is the In-Wall Speaker. This type of speaker can be installed on the front, rear, left and right walls, and generally speaking, each speaker uses at least 2 speaker units, so , the volume also increases, and the price is relatively higher, but at present, most home users value the sound quality and function of such in-wall speakers.

The other is the In-Ceiling Speaker, also known as the ceiling speaker. The difference between this speaker and the former is that it is mainly installed on the ceiling, which is very suitable for playing background music in small spaces such as study and bedroom. In terms of the shape of the speakers, the front baffles of our common ceiling speakers are generally round, because the number of speaker units used is less than the former, generally 2 units or less, so the volume is greatly reduced. The price is also cheaper than the former.

In fact, in addition to these two, the in-wall speakers with their own cabinets can have a second installation method in the wall, hanging on the wall. So some brands of In-Wall Speaker will also be his on-wall Speaker.

The circle is the hole size

It is obvious that the size of the opening is smaller than the size of the front panel. When installing, cover the front panel on the wall, and then tighten the screws from the front panel.

The metal pusher will rotate to the right, and then press and fix the speaker to the wall.

Can the subwoofer fit into the wall?

In fact, the subwoofer can also be inserted into the wall. The in-wall subwoofers are passive guns, and then the amplifiers are placed at the power amplifier.

But if there are no very special requirements, Cinema Jun strongly does not recommend installing the subwoofer into the wall.

There are two reasons:

1. The subwoofer requires a large volume of the box. The performance of the in-wall gun at the same price corresponds to the swing gun, and the performance is too weak.

2. Subwoofers have very high requirements for placement. In-wall guns basically give up placement. You can only determine the placement through software calculations. Guan Jian is, this is very difficult to calculate...

Therefore, in terms of performance, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness, it is not very good. In-wall subwoofers are strongly discouraged.

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