Home Theater System manufacturer & wholesaler

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Home Theater System manufacturer & wholesaler

                       Home Theater System manufacturer & wholesaler?

Davecl Audio is a professional audio company with 20 years’ experience in AV industry , we are specialized in design , researching & developing , manufacture and quality control of home theater system , active speaker , monitor speaker, High end speaker, CD player , stereo amplifier, Turntable,  DAB radio , management and engineering resources are all located under one roof. DAVECL Audio uniquely leverages these technologies to the products and systems that far outperform the sum of their parts – we stick to providing compelling solutions for sound products. DAVECL AUDIO advances in manufacturing and quality control processes. Utilizing a compliment of demand planning, parts procurement, operations and flexible logistics to respond to customers’needs .

Our Products range:

Home theater system


Active speaker

Ceiling Speaker

Car audio

Marine audio

Our Mission Statement: Provide high quality and total audio solution to our customers!

Our Company Values:
Quality: Excellent and consistent quality are the base for our company, customers and suppliers.
Service: Timely, friendly, and meet the needs for the customers.
Customers: We work together and grow together with customers.
Working: As we provide entertainment products, we will provide happy working environment.

Faithfully welcome to inquiry or visit us at any time!

Written by : Davecl Audio.
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