How good are WiFi speakers?

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How good are WiFi speakers?

                         How good are WiFi speakers?

Today, instead of talking about technology, I will share a few practical scenarios to tell you what WiFi speakers can bring us.

Scenario 1: N people can share a WiFi speaker

Everyone has their favorite song and is willing to recommend it to relatives and friends. When using a bluetooth speaker, the system can only connect up to two people to the bluetooth speaker. When we want to play the song we want to listen to, we need to disconnect the currently connected mobile phone and let the speaker connect to our own mobile phone.

If it is a WiFi speaker, it is different. Everyone can install an APP in their mobile phone, which can connect to the speaker at the same time and share a playlist. For example, I want to share my favorite Jay Chou's "Shoes Extra Large" with everyone, just add it to the APP's playlist, and everyone's APP can see this song.

One-to-many is the advantage of WiFi speakers, which is itself a local area network system. Compared with the remote control, our mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks, the tracks in the playlist provide the speaker with a link to online music, and do not directly participate in the playback. The speaker is autonomous Download tracks. WiFi technology supports the feature of multi-device connection, which can realize the control of multiple speakers.

Scenario 2: You can walk around with your mobile phone and listen wherever you go

As mentioned earlier, terminals such as mobile phones are only remote controls for WiFi speakers. After the speaker starts playing, you can let go of the mobile phone. Even if you turn off the speaker, it can play according to the preset list. The speakers will work.


For Bluetooth speakers, the connected mobile phone is the sound source of the Bluetooth speaker. You must keep the phone and the speaker within a certain distance, otherwise it will exceed the effective working range of Bluetooth and the playback will be interrupted.

Scenario 3: Listening to music, you can still play WeChat and watch videos

Multitasking on mobile phones is nothing new, but when you use a bluetooth speaker, it is impossible to watch Weibo videos at the same time after the mobile phone is playing music. Because the phone can only support one audio output, the sound in the video will conflict with the previous playback, and you need to pause the playback. The same is true for playing the voice in WeChat.

Using a WiFi speaker, playing WeChat and watching videos while listening to music is not a problem. When the list is preset, the speaker works independently and does not occupy the audio channel of the mobile phone. At this time, we want to play voice and video on the mobile phone without any impact, neither need to pause the music nor let the sound outside In the speaker, the two sounds are completely independent and do not interfere with each other.

Scene 4: Multiple speakers can be freely combined and controlled

When there are multiple rooms in the home and each has WiFi speakers, we can build these speakers into a local network system, and use the remote control terminal installed with the APP to control all the speakers in the system at will. We can make each room play different tracks at the same time, or we can have two speakers form a pair of 2.0 speakers, which act as left and right channels respectively. That is to say, the playability of WiFi speakers is very high, and all speakers included in the system can be freely combined to achieve multi-room control.

Each speaker of the Bluetooth speaker is independently controlled one-to-one. If you want to change a playing track, you can either switch the playback with the consent of the current playing user, or directly disconnect the currently connected mobile phone and then switch to another mobile phone to play .

Scenario 5: Listening to QQ music and online radio, you can have both

With the popularity of streaming music, more and more people like to listen to music online. If we use Bluetooth speakers or wired speakers, we can only rely on the APP to play, and we need to constantly open/close the APP to achieve the purpose of switching the music source, which is very troublesome.

What about WiFi speakers? It plays cloud music by itself, and its APP has integrated all music service provider interfaces. We can switch at will, and even add tracks from different music sources to the playlist, and listen to what you want. It’s that convenient.

There is no doubt that WiFi technology is the best way to carry home audio in the future. WiFi speakers rely on online music cloud resources and have a high degree of freedom of operation, which are all liked and irresistible by users.

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