How much do you know about Dolby Audio?

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How much do you know about Dolby Audio?

                                     How much do you know about Dolby Audio?

Dolby Audio™ is a family of powerful technologies for delivering rich, clear, and breathtaking sound for the theater, home and on the go. The technology further enhances the appeal of entertainment by providing a vibrant listening experience for content for broadcast, download, streaming, in theaters or on disc.

With Dolby Audio, you can achieve sound effects that enhance the listening experience of movies, TV shows, music and games on multiple levels. Dolby Audio provides up to 7.1 channels of surround sound, including virtual surround sound from any source delivered through headphones.

Plus, it improves the clarity of the dialogue so you can hear every word clearly. With Dolby Audio, volume levels don't change from program to program. Plus, you can download streaming videos faster. It even turns your phone into a high-quality home theater source for playing audio from your home setup.

How Dolby Audio works

Dolby Audio enables the use of Dolby formats (for example, Dolby Digital Plus™ in broadcast programming or Blu-ray discs) in devices such as set-top boxes, mobile phones and tablets, and home audio systems. Dolby TrueHD (Dolby TrueHD) is integrated with secondary playback technology. The result is a consistently high-quality listening experience no matter where and how you're enjoying your entertainment.

Each of the Dolby Audio technologies is designed for a specific medium to provide the highest quality sound for that medium:

Dolby Digital Plus technology was developed for applications with limited bandwidth, such as broadcasting, streaming, and mobile applications. It automatically optimizes sound for a variety of playback systems, from standalone 7.1 to mono.

Dolby Digital is the global standard for independent 5.1-channel television broadcasting.

Dolby TrueHD is a "lossless" format where every "bit" of sound you hear is exactly how it would sound on a movie soundtrack or in a concert studio. Dolby TrueHD technology provides up to 7.1 channels of independent surround sound. This technology is especially suitable for Blu-ray Disc and perfectly complements the high-definition video provided by Blu-ray.

Other Dolby technologies that are part of Dolby Audio include:

Dolby Pro Logic IIx/IIz (Dolby Pro Logic IIx/IIz) technology: This technology is widely used in various A/V receivers and provides multi-channel sound from stereo sources.

Dolby Volume maintains the same volume level when switching sources or channels.

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