How much do you know about Monitor Speakers?

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 How much do you know about Monitor Speakers?

                                       How much do you know about  Monitor Speakers?

Monitor speakers are speakers without sound rendering (sound coloring), but different from high fidelity, monitoring is equivalent to full fidelity.

The monitor speaker is a professional audio equipment. Its characteristic is that it can restore the sound of the high, medium and low frequency bands in a balanced manner, without any modification or rendering of the sound playback, and faithfully restore the audio signal.

Monitor speakers are mainly used in control rooms and recording studios for program monitoring. They have the characteristics of small distortion, wide and flat frequency response, and little signal modification, so they can most truly reproduce the original appearance of the program. This kind of speaker is not very popular in our civilian field. On the one hand, most of us like to listen to the more pleasing sound after the speaker is exaggerated. On the other hand, this kind of speaker is too expensive. The first aspect is actually a misunderstanding of the monitor speakers. If the music producer has processed the sound to the ear, the monitor speakers can still hear the modified effect. Obviously, monitor speakers try to be as faithful as possible to the idea of the music producer, that what you hear is what he wants you to hear. Therefore, the general public likes to spend the same price to buy a guy who sounds more pleasing to the ears on the surface, but this has actually destroyed the original intention of the creator. Therefore, people who have a certain understanding of speakers prefer monitor speakers.

Development HistoryEdit Broadcast

monitor speaker competition

There seems to be no standard for studio monitor speakers. Different studios will choose suitable speakers according to their environment and needs. However, before the 1970s, the so-called monitor speakers were usually manufactured according to the specifications set by the authority, and sometimes they had to be obtained. Certification only counts. Early monitor speakers only required characteristics such as flat sound range balance, precise resolution and low coloration, and it didn't matter whether they sounded good or not. Also since the 1970s, the concept has changed. The sound engineer believes that too much sound will affect the working mood, so the monitor speakers must take into account both. JBL, which is independent from AltecLansing, is a good example. The 4300 series they launched has caused a great trend in Japan because of its good sound. In fact, speakers like 4320, 4333, 4343, 4344, and 4350 do not have any "monitoring standards". At that time, the studio was also accustomed to using the 604, 605 and other series of speakers from Altec.

In the early days of the UK, Tannoy was the leader of the monitor speakers. After the 1950s, the state-run BBC radio station began to design monitor speakers for different needs, such as speeches, music, live recording, sub-control monitoring, etc. A series of standards came out, including Rogers, Harbeth , Spend or, KEF, etc. have produced BBC standard speakers. The Evergreen LS 3/5a is one of the BBC standards, designed for nearfield monitoring, and its sound is admittedly very attractive. In the United States, the LC1 series speakers designed by Dr. RCA Osong were all the rage in the 1940s, and were gradually replaced by Altec and JBL. Westlake and Wooray, which were improved by these two companies, also achieved good results. Japan's state-run NHK radio station also formulated the BTS specification with reference to the BBC standard. According to this specification, the Diatone 2S205 and 2S305 manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric in the 1950s almost became the common standard of Japanese recording studios for a while, until Pioneer and Yamaha joined , monitor speakers have diversified development.

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