How much do you know about car Speaker ?

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How much do you know about car Speaker ?

                                         How much do you know about Car Speaker ?

The speaker is the audio signal device of the car. During the driving process of the car, the driver sends out the necessary audio signals according to the needs and regulations to warn pedestrians and attract the attention of other vehicles to ensure traffic safety, and is also used for driving and transmitting signals.

working principle

Car speakers rely on the vibration of metal diaphragms to produce sound. The car electric speaker is composed of an iron core, a magnetic coil, a contact, an armature, and a diaphragm. When the driver presses the horn switch, the current passes through the coil through the contact, the coil generates a magnetic force to attract the armature, forcing the diaphragm to move, the armature moves to disconnect the contact, the current is interrupted, the magnetic force of the coil disappears, and the diaphragm is elastic and spring. Under the action, it returns to its original position together with the armature, the contact closure circuit is turned on again, the current flows through the contact through the coil to generate a magnetic force, and the above actions are repeated. This repeated cycle of diaphragm constantly vibrates, thus making a sound. The soundboard is rigidly connected to the diaphragm, which can make the vibration smooth and sound more pleasant (ie, the principle of electromagnet).

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