How much do you know about car speaker?

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 How much do you know about car speaker?

                            How much do you know about car speaker?


The importance of speakers in car audio systems is even more prominent. Compared with home audio, the technical requirements and difficulty are much higher to make car speakers show excellent sound and localization. The disadvantages of car speakers are many and complex, because in the interior space of the car, there are some disadvantages that are not found in the house: narrow space, irregular objects, complex environment (noise, vibration, car materials, etc.) and The installation position of the speaker (limited by the interior and exterior of the car); more importantly, the listening position is not good, left and right; and because the direction of the speaker is not symmetrical in the front, resulting in complex frequencies, phase differences and wave crests , wave valley, standing wave, reflective jet lag, too long reverberation time (resonance), etc., which are not conducive to listening.

The speaker (SPEAKER) is commonly known as the horn. The inside is made of magnets and coils that vibrate and vibrate. It is an indispensable and important equipment in a sound system. All music is sounded through speakers for people to listen to and enjoy. As the only equipment that converts electrical energy into "sound energy", the quality and characteristics of speakers play a decisive role in the sound quality of the entire sound system. Due to the particularity of the car, it is impossible to install a general-purpose speaker like a home theater in the car, but directly install each car speaker on the car, and a high-end car can even install more than ten speakers.

Speakers mainly include double cone, two-way, three-way, independent component, subwoofer and so on. The independent component type includes an independent tweeter unit, an independent midrange unit and a crossover network, and is generally installed in the front door of the car. Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the speaker, the better the low frequency, so if you like to listen to the bass, it is best to use a loudspeaker with a larger diameter.

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