How much do you know about the installation methods of Marine audio

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How much do you know about the installation methods of Marine audio

                                      How much do you know about the installation methods of Marine audio

The space on the yacht is very limited and the equipment is complex. In this case, the audio system cannot be opened and closed like a home audio system. That is to say, there is no spacious and square space on the yacht to install the audio system. Seeing the seam and inserting the needle, various installation methods were born:

The embedded installation of the player is more for the uniform layout of the bridge and does not affect the driving

Panel installation of the player, which is the most traditional installation method

The integrated installation of the player, this kind of equipment is highly integrated, especially suitable for retrofitting and retrofitting

The hidden installation of the player, beautifully known as "black box audio", is mainly to save space on the bridge

Embedded installation of speakers, which is the most traditional installation method

Speaker hanging installation

Various depth or panel mounting for tight or limited depth spaces

A speaker that can be installed in the corner, this is a unique design, rare in the market, but very convenient

All these humanized designs are derived from the designers' deep understanding of boat design needs, as well as their deep understanding and integration of aesthetics, engineering and acoustics. Every successful product is closely related to reasonable and ingenious design, strict and meticulous craftsmanship, exquisite and practical products, and considerate and thoughtful service.

When you understand the harsh environment of use, the meticulous design, the strict craftsmanship, and the intentions of the designer, you will have your own judgment on what products to choose for your yacht, and you will know how to choose a high-quality and durable set for your yacht. The sound system, let the beautiful music accompany you through the sea day after day.

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