How much do you know about the surround sound ?

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 How much do you know about the surround sound ?

                             How much do you know about the surround sound ?

The surround sound effect is actually the result of delaying the sound for a certain period of time and then mixing it with the original sound without delay to enhance the sound's heaviness and charm. The longer the delay time is, the larger the echo space will be. The so-called "reverberation around the beam for three days" has this meaning. Of course, if the delay time is too long, the echo effect is not good, usually in the order of tens of milliseconds to more than 100 milliseconds. [3]

Processing method edit broadcast

The use of home multi-channel systems is in a situation where multiple surround sound processing methods coexist and old and new systems alternate. In terms of hardware, there are many types of surround sound processors. Using Dolby Pro Logic (DoUby Pm LDgic), Dolby AC-3, DSP, Cinema-DSP, THX4.0, THX5.1 and other sound processing methods. Among them, the first two are analog and digital Dolby sound effects; the last four are post-processing methods of Dolby sound effects. The DSP method is mainly used to improve the spatial characteristics of the room, increase the sound field mode, and strengthen the surround sound effect. The THX method is mainly used to ensure the transmission quality of the audio-visual system, and to provide a smooth audio-visual effect that integrates audio and video. In some models, only one processing method is used, while some models combine multiple processing methods. The complex circuit structure, a large number of digital circuits, and the increased cost of paying Dolby, THX and other patent fees have resulted in the price of AVP-8000 processors reaching as high as 30,000 yuan. Of course, only Dolby Pro Logic sound processors are used in most equipment. These systems must use a new sound processor to play AC-3 and other video/audio products. [4]

Category Edit Broadcast

There are many ways to classify surround sound.

According to the applicable objects of the program source, it can be divided into two categories: one is audio surround sound with only sound (A surround); the other is audio-visual surround sound, which is often referred to as audio-visual surround sound (AV surround).

According to the implementation methods of pickup, transmission and playback, they can be divided into three categories. The following takes four channels as an example to illustrate: the first type is the separation type (also called the 4-4-4 type), that is, the number of channels for pickup, transmission and playback are all equal and independent. The second type is matrix type (also called 4-2-4 type). In this way, when the sound is picked up, each channel is independent; the picked-up signal is encoded and then transmitted in fewer channels; when the sound is played, it is decoded and played back according to the number of picked-up sounds. The third type is pseudo-surround type (also called 2-2-4 type). This system is actually two-channel stereo, that is, the pickup and transmission are all two-channel, but the surround sound processor is used for processing during playback to generate additional signals for surround sound, which are provided to the surround channels. . 

Feature Edit Broadcast

Surround sound is characterized by a sense of direction, that is, the listener can feel the direction of the sound source; there is also a sense of surround, that is, the listener has a feeling of being surrounded by the sound source; and a sense of expansion, that is, the sound source is diffused around and reflected by objects. a feeling of. 

When listening to a surround sound production, we find ourselves surrounded by the music, as if we were in the space where the recording was made. We are no longer a bystander, an internal observer (at least in our senses), if not able to participate. Listeners can be surrounded by sound (and become part of the recording space), or by means of production, observe a piece of music in a 360° panorama. Surround sound will have a very profound effect on the music. In surround sound recordings, positioning the sound and shaping the character of the environment is accomplished using a different method than in stereo. At the same time, the distance information will also show new characteristics. 

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