How much do you know about yacht audio?

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 How much do you know about yacht audio?

                                       How much do you know about Marine audio?

Cruising the sea on a yacht, or driving a sailboat to ride the wind and waves, you can't do without music, but it is not an easy task to let the delicate sound system overcome the ocean climate and accompany us through the four seasons of the year, the South China Sea and the North Sea. Whether in the ocean or on shore, these devices face a variety of problems:

1. The air has high salt content. How can the product prevent salt spray corrosion?

2. The sunlight on the ocean is long and the ultraviolet rays are strong. How can the product resist aging?

3. The air humidity is high, how can electronic products be protected from moisture?

4. The temperature difference between day and night and the four seasons is large. How can the product resist this extreme temperature difference?

5. The deck or flybridge environment is open, what kind of speakers are needed in this environment?

6. How to ensure system security while pursuing high power?

7. How to follow the rapid technological progress of electronic technology?

These special requirements and restrictions make the yacht's audio system different from everyday home audio or car audio. So, how can we choose the right product? How do I know if the selected product is qualified? Don't worry, the marine entertainment system has its own industry standards and solutions!

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