How the CD player works?

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 How the CD player works?

                                                 How the CD player works?

The CD player completes the above functions through two parts, mechanical and electrical. The mechanical part mainly refers to the movement, including the spindle, spindle motor, tracking guide rail, tracking motor and laser head components. Tracking and a series of work.

The circuit part is mainly composed of laser head, signal processing, movement servo, control display and power supply circuit, which completes a series of work of reading from optical disc, signal conversion and processing.

Regardless of the mechanical and circuit parts, it will have an impact on the CD player's playback effect and sound quality.

CD player is mainly composed of laser pickup and turntable system, servo system, signal processing system, information storage system and control system. The laser pickup is a key component of the CD player, which consists of a semiconductor laser, an optical system and an electrical detector. The laser is a low power (MW class) AIGAS

Laser diode, the laser beam emitted is projected onto the information surface of the record through the optical lens system. Since many pits are recorded on the record, when the light spot hits the pit, the reflected light is weak, and the photodetector picks it up. The signal is small; when the light spot hits the aluminum film without pits, the reflected light is strong, and the signal picked up by the photoelectric detection is large, so corresponding to the presence or absence of pits, the output of the detector produces corresponding high and low levels. electrical pulse signal, then passes through

The RF amplifier obtains serial digital signals of "1" and "0" from its internal comparator, and adds it to the digital signal and processing circuit for demodulation, frame synchronization signal detection, error correction processing, etc. The data is added to a digital-to-analog converter (D/A), and the converter outputs an analog sound signal.

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