How to Adjust the Best Effect of A Subwoofer for A Home Theatre

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How to Adjust the Best Effect of A Subwoofer for A Home Theatre

        How to Adjust the Best Effect of  A Subwoofer for A Home Theatre

Subwoofers usually have some basic control adjustment parameters that need to be adjusted, mainly including crossover point, volume, phase and so on.

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1. Crossover point

The place to be adjusted is the low-pass filter of the subwoofer, and the adjustment is based on the type of main speaker. If your main speaker is huge, you only need to let the lowest frequency part of the signal through the subwoofer to express, you can set the frequency split point between 60Hz and 80Hz; if your main speaker is medium in size, then low-pass filter The split point of the amplifier can be set slightly higher, for example, between 80Hz and 100Hz; if your main speaker is a small one, then it is best to set the crossover point as high as possible (usually 120Hz to 150Hz).

2. Volume

The law of different frequency bands affecting the human ear's perception of loudness:

1). At the point where the frequency value f=1000 HZ, the loudness value is equal to the value of the corresponding sound pressure level.

2) At 3000 HZ, this frequency area is the sensitive area of human ears. Therefore, when mixing, increase the sound level in this frequency band, and the overall loudness will increase significantly.

3) In the frequency range of f<1000 HZ, the auditory sensitivity decreases. This means that in order to achieve the same loudness as the low frequency sound of 1000 HZ, there must be a greater sound pressure level.

4) In the low frequency range of f<100HZ, the sound pressure level increases slightly, and the low frequency loudness will immediately increase significantly, but if it decreases slightly, the bass will be inaudible immediately.

5) In the high frequency region of f>5kHZ, the changes in sound pressure level and loudness are basically the same. However, when the sound frequency exceeds 7kHZ, the sensitivity will be reduced to a certain extent.

It is worth noting that the subwoofer must not be turned on excessively, even when watching a large movie, it must be turned on to a moderate volume, and it must not exceed 2/3 of the total volume. It is even less important to listen to music at too high a volume, which will cause serious distortion of your listening effect.

3. Phase

Sound as a form of vibration wave is of course periodic, so there is the concept of phase. The purpose of subwoofer phase adjustment is to have the same phase as the main speaker, so that the sound will not be canceled out, and a more harmonious sound will be produced. In the future, the overall sound effect of the main speaker/subwoofer speaker is more balanced. Tests can immediately show whether there is improvement: you may hear more or less low frequencies in a certain phase. Changing the phase will have a positive and negative effect on the acoustic effects you hear in the listening room, so that the sound effects you hear at the listening position will be different.

Subwoofer Sub8.1

As I said before, you sit in different positions of the listening area and let your assistant adjust the phase of a subwoofer, repeat the audition until you get the best sound effect. Of course, if the ears alone are not accurate enough, just use a sound pressure tester. Use some software to sound the main speaker and subwoofer at the same time, and then adjust the phase (some cannons can only adjust a few options. , Some like the Veladen DD can be adjusted arbitrarily from 0 to 360), a relatively large sound pressure at the audio-visual position is to obtain a more correct phase.

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