How to Install Ceiling Speakers ?

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 How to Install Ceiling Speakers ?

                                         How to Install Ceiling Speakers ?

Ceiling speakers, This type of speaker is mainly installed on the ceiling and is ideal for playing background music in exhibitions, squares, conference rooms, restaurants, dance halls and schools. In terms of the shape of the speakers, common ceiling speakers are generally round.

The use of ceiling speakers can not only save space, decorate the ceiling, but also use the ceiling to sound insulation, and even solve the problems of sound diffraction and cabinet vibration.

Ceiling speaker punch

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To install ceiling speakers in different installation scenarios, you need to use a special hole opener, and pay attention to the construction process not to damage the ceiling too much, especially the ceiling with gypsum ceiling. The opening diameter is based on the opening size specified by each ceiling speaker. In actual construction, it can be slightly larger by 1/2 cm, which makes installation and removal easier.

The selection of the opening position of the ceiling speaker should take into account the installation positions of surrounding lamps, smoke detectors, air conditioners and other equipment to avoid overlapping positions.

The installation distance between the ceiling speakers should follow the industry rules: the distance between every 2 ceiling speakers is twice the distance from the speakers to the ground. This installation can satisfy the uniform sound of the ceiling speakers in the audience. For gypsum board opening, remember to ask for a professional, professional hole opener!

Ceiling Speaker Wiring

The wiring of the ceiling speaker should firstly be clear whether to run the open wire or the wiring groove. The open wire can be matched with the line card and the cable tie, which is simple and not messy. Pay attention to the appearance, you can use wiring grooves (such as PVC material wire pipes or wire grooves), and the speaker wires are installed in the wire grooves, so that the appearance does not violate the sense of harmony.

Wiring should be noted that the speaker wire is weak electricity, and should keep a distance from the surrounding strong electricity (AC220V) to avoid interference.

The speaker wire is routed through the wire trough or wire tube. The wire trough or wire tube does not use elbows, but uses springs to bend it to ensure that the wires in each tube can be freely twitched from the junction box, mainly to ensure future maintenance, wire replacement and threading.

After the wiring is completed, reserve the wire head to connect the speakers. Remember to wire first and install the speakers after, so don't mess up the order.

Ceiling Speaker Installation

After the wiring is completed, first install one or two speakers, connect the power amplifier to test the line and equipment to see if there is any problem. Then install the speakers one by one to complete the debugging of the entire audio system, and you're done!

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