How to adjust a car subwoofer?

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 How to adjust a car subwoofer?


                                    How to adjust a car subwoofer?

1. First, restore all the additional functions of the car host to the factory state, and then set the high, medium and bass,

Of course, the same is true for left and right balance;

2. Set the volume (GAIN) of the power amplifier to the lowest position (MIN), FILTER (filter)

Setting) is set to OFF, and CROSSOVER is set to the lowest. 3. The adjustment of the bass is the car

The key to the sound.

The three knobs of the slim car-cut subwoofer are numbered from left to right. The first knob is used to adjust the bass resonance frequency, which can be adjusted to 60HZ, and the second knob is used to adjust the sound, which can be adjusted according to your own requirements. That's it, and the third knob is the bass gain value knob, which can be adjusted to 0, but try not to be higher than 3.

What is the best way to adjust the frequency of the subwoofer?

1. Frequency. If the max of the subwoofer is very well connected to the bottom of the main cabinet, you will hardly hear the subwoofer.

2. Level. According to my preferences, but appropriate.

3. Spacing. The subwoofer has more delay than the main box, especially the digital amplifier subwoofer. Therefore, the spacing setting of the subwoofer in the power amplifier circuit should exceed the specific spacing.

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