How to adjust the bass of the car audio?

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 How to adjust the bass of the car audio?


                        How to adjust the bass of the car audio?

  1. First, restore all the additional functions of the car main unit to the factory state, and then center all the high, medium and bass, of course, the left and right balance is the same.

2. Set the volume (GAIN) of the power amplifier to the lowest position (MIN).

3. FILTER (filter setting) is set to OFF.

4. CROSSOVER is set to the lowest.

5. General music and songs: It is necessary to push up the bass and treble parts and lower the midrange part to overcome the problem that the audio equipment has a weak ability to restore the treble and bass.

6. Light music or folk music: usually push the midrange up, and pull down the treble and bass a bit.

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