How to adjust the speaker

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 How to adjust the speaker

                                       How to adjust the speaker


When adjusting, it should be noted that the gap between the iron core and the armature must be uniform, flat, and not skewed, otherwise it is easy to collide with each other during work, which will make the speaker produce harsh noises.


The volume of the electric horn is related to the size of the current passing through the speaker coil. The greater the current passing through, the louder the volume, and vice versa. The volume can be changed by adjusting the contact pressure. The adjustment of speaker volume and sound quality is interrelated, so it is necessary to repeatedly adjust to obtain the best sound.

maintenance broadcast

(1) Always keep the surface of the speaker clean, and the wiring should be firm.

(2) Regularly check and fasten the fixing screws of the horn and the bracket to ensure reliable grounding.

(3) The fixing method of the horn has a great influence on its pronunciation. In order to make the sound of the speaker normal, the speaker cannot be rigidly installed, so it is fixed on the buffer bracket, that is, a leaf spring or rubber pad should be installed between the speaker and the fixed bracket.

(4) Always check the generator output voltage. If the voltage is too high, the contacts of the horn will burn out, and if the voltage is too low (lower than the rated voltage of the horn), the horn will make an abnormal sound.

(5) When washing the car, do not wash the horn directly with water, so as to avoid water entering the horn and making the horn not sound.

(6) When overhauling the horn, pay attention to the positions of the metal pads and insulating pads, and do not install them wrongly.

(7) The continuous sound of the speaker shall not exceed 10s, so as not to damage the speaker.

(8) Do not put all kinds of foreign objects into the speaker to avoid abnormal sound.

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