How to build a multiroom music system

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How to build a multiroom music system

                 How to build a multiroom music system

The working environment and status are simply too important for many creative workers! So you will find that they often go to work in coffee shops like Starbucks. But many people are also quite puzzled that it is impossible to work while drinking coffee at home or in the company? Is it a bit pretending to be art?

In fact, this is not the case. In addition to the fact that people themselves have to establish contact with the outside world, the environment established by these places makes it easier for these workers to enter the state. Not only interior design and lighting, but also smell and music are the best aids to soothe their nerves. These external environments can effectively make them feel happy, so that they can better engage in work and meet the sudden inspiration. that moment.

Now, more and more consumers hope to bring this kind of atmosphere to their homes, so that they can enjoy this intoxicating music atmosphere when they go home, that is, set up a multi-room background music system at home.

The earliest and most common multi-room music system is customized installation. To make the home environment look more concise and beautiful, the family multi-room background music system needs to be wired during the rough room, which has a certain threshold and its advantages It is concealment and once and for all.

As long as you choose a more mature brand, determine the location in the early stage, and after the installation is completed, the probability of problems in the later stage is lower. Embedding the speakers into the ceiling and the control panel into the wall can save space and position. While at home, hotels, restaurants, there is no sense of existence, it also allows the atmosphere of music to envelope the entire space.

The custom-installed multi-room background music system can be divided into two types in form:

The first is a central background music system (this concept was proposed by Bosheng in 2003), which is controlled by a central power amplifier host, connected to each room that needs music through hidden wiring, and then connected to the corresponding zone control panel And ceiling speakers, you can realize family multi-zone music enjoyment, each zone does not interfere with each other, and can be completely controlled independently.

The user can directly control the room through the control panel, or control the whole house through the mobile phone APP (more in line with modern operating habits). Generally support 4-8 partitions, the more awesome brands, such as Bosheng can achieve 12 partitions (there is a top version that can control 50 partitions separately), and its shape is similar to central air conditioning.

The other is an all-in-one background music system. The host amplifier is integrated with the panel, and then connected to the corresponding speakers to form a hidden audio system in a single room. It is mainly used in one or two rooms that require music. Multi-room background music should be installed separately in each room where music is needed.

According to the control display mode, it can also be divided into two types,

All of the above are straight-through controls. Users control the background music system directly through a separate panel or APP. The other one needs to go through the smart home hub central control system.

Compared with the first form, the background music through the intelligent central control system can be linked with other smart home devices. For example, after the multi-room music is turned on, the lights and curtains in each room will also be opened.

The intelligent central control system is also divided into wireless and wired. The principle of the wired multi-room system is close to the first form we just mentioned. Since the smart home system has more related sections, it will have multiple branches in addition to the bus. The wireless central control system itself is based on the transmission of signals under WiFi and other protocols, and each device is the transmitter and receiver of the signal. This method does not require too much wiring.

In addition to the custom-installed background music system for the whole house, wireless multi-room music is also emerging, that is, wireless linkage of multiple smart speakers.

If the home has been renovated and cannot be wired, you can consider building it wirelessly. Although it is weaker than custom installation in terms of transmission stability and music experience, it has been technically improved compared to the past, and it will basically not affect the listening experience. For users without installation conditions, smart speakers are also a good one. s Choice. And now there are endless brands of such speakers. In terms of operation and connection, the wireless multi-room music system is simpler. The transmission method mainly uses WiFi and Bluetooth, and some also support wired way to join the system.

Compatibility is a significant limitation in the wireless multi-room system. Basically, most manufacturers play by themselves. Only a small number of influential manufacturers have opened up the ecosystem to allow more brands to join it. For example, Apple Airplay, due to the strong influence of Apple devices, many audio-visual products are attracted to join.

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