How to choose a marine audio?

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 How to choose a marine audio?

                                              How to choose a marine audio?

UV and water resistance

There are two aspects to distinguish marine stereos from ordinary stereos on land: 1. Waterproof, 2. UV protection.

As a sound used at sea, it will inevitably come into contact with rainwater and splashing seawater, especially open speedboats. If you are looking for a completely waterproof speaker, you don’t really need it. As the main waterproof speakers on the market, most of them focus on the IPX6 protection level. The definition of IPX6 is the electrical appliances installed on the deck, which can prevent the Damage caused by the intrusion of large waves.

As an important aspect to differentiate between regular and marine stereos: UV protection is also important, as the sun's rays can damage just about anything, including your stereo. With UV protection, your speakers will last longer in harsh conditions.

You can choose a marine stereo system that doesn't have UV protection, but not one that isn't waterproof. No matter how careful you are, water and UV rays are hard to avoid at sea, so make sure you have the appropriate level of protection when buying a marine stereo.

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