How to choose an amplifier

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 How to choose an amplifier

                               How to choose an amplifier

1. The heavier the amplifier, the better. When we choose other products, we advocate lightness and compactness, but power amplifiers require heavy weight. Because the power amplifier is mainly driven by a powerful power supply, the quality of the transformer must be too large, and the power amplifier of light quality is prone to shrinkage on the power supply, resulting in the lack of music details. In addition, the heavy-duty power amplifier can reduce the resonance of the box under strong vibration and ensure the fidelity of the sound.

2. The decoding ability of the power amplifier directly affects the sound quality. In the power amplifier, there will be a decoder. There are generally two kinds of decoders here, Dolby Digital decoder and DTS decoder. Dolby Digital decoder, often used in home theater, can create the feeling of surround sound. Its various channels are completely isolated, which not only has a large dynamic range that can be controlled, but also has strong compatibility.

DTS decoder, a digital-to-analog converter, can bring shocking music effects, not only with a large dynamic range, but also with rich details of the sound.

3. Signal-to-noise ratio and power. The power of the power amplifier is generally larger than that of the general speaker. The higher the power, the more energy it has, the more it can push the speaker to sound, and it can also preserve the subtle signals in the music and reduce the distortion of the sound. And if the power is too small, it will lead to incomplete sound, resulting in sound loss.

The signal-to-noise ratio of a power amplifier refers to the ratio of signal amplitude to noise amplitude. The larger the signal-to-noise ratio, the smaller the noise and the higher the fidelity. Therefore, when choosing, it is necessary to choose a power amplifier with high power and high signal noise.

4. Check whether the interfaces are complete: the most basic input and output interfaces that an AV amplifier should have, should include the following: coaxial, optical, RCA multi-channel input interfaces for inputting digital or analog audio signals, speaker output interfaces, For outputting signals to speakers

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