How to choose ceiling speakers

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                                                 How to choose ceiling speakers?

1: First, consider the coverage angle of the speaker, and whether the point distribution of the speaker can cover the area that needs sound coverage.

2: Calculate the sound pressure level attenuation, use the continuous maximum sound pressure level of the speaker to calculate the maximum sound pressure level when the sound reaches the human ear, and see if it can meet the first-level requirements of the national conference (98dB).

3: Solve the problem of speaker vibration. The vibration is related to the manufacture of the speaker itself. At present, some speakers can be shockproof and can express the sound well. It is recommended to replace the speakers to meet the usage requirements, and different speakers have their different places of use.

4: To solve the problem of sound pressure, the sound from the ceiling speakers is indeed from the top of the head, which will make people feel like the top. People may feel that it doesn't matter. The solution can be to use wall-mounted main sound reinforcement speakers combined with ceiling speakers. The main sound reinforcement speakers are used to pull the sound image, and the ceiling speakers are used for auxiliary fill. If the conditions are better, it is recommended to consider wall-mounted fill speakers. Use a wall-mounted speaker system, and usually use ceiling speakers for background music.

5: As for the power problem, we generally set it with a configuration of 1.3-1.5 times the rated power (rms), and some configure the power amplifier with the power of the program power. The main consideration is that the power marked on the power amplifier cannot be used 100%, and the second is that the power slightly larger than the speaker power will make the played sound more powerful and pleasing (you must pay attention to control, the speaker will be burned if the power is too large).

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