How to choose home audio?

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How to choose home audio?

                                                  How to choose home audio?

There are many things in life that we cannot do without, relatives, air, water, and even more sound. From the singing of birds to the clamor of whistles to the clanging of pots and pans at home, to the babbling of babies. Of course, the home seems to be indispensable to the sound. From the combined home theater to the popular computer multimedia audio, to today's home background music and portable Bluetooth audio and so on. The form of audio is changeable, but it cannot change the indispensable position of audio in home life. So how should we choose home audio? Today I'm here to talk to you all.


View speaker shapes, colors and dimensions

The selection of speakers generally starts from the appearance, a multimedia active sound, if the appearance is smooth and smooth, and the color is delicate and uniform, it will first give people a feeling of heartbeat. Then, on this basis, carefully check whether the joints of the speaker box are even and tight, whether the shape, the adjustment knobs and function keys, and the positions of the jacks are reasonably distributed. When observing, can not let go of any nuances, including the marks or patterns on the speaker, etc. Delicacy, correctness, and clarity indicate that this speaker is of excellent workmanship and first-class quality. Or open the speaker with the consent of the seller to check whether the internal parts and wiring are simple and reasonable.

Estimating the maximum output power of the speakers

If a pair of speakers is selected for craftsmanship and shape, it can be picked up to see how heavy it is, in order to estimate the maximum output power of the speakers. Generally speaking, the undistorted power of the speaker should be at least 20W+20W, that is, 20W per channel. Now the maximum output power of multimedia active speakers on the market is PMPO music power, which is purely an indicator of advertising effect, but in fact, the maximum undistorted power should be marked. This power is only 1/8 of the PMPO power value. We can estimate the actual maximum output power of the speaker based on the weight of the transformer and amplifier board in the box.

Test the quality of low frequencies

The low frequency produced by inferior speakers can be deafening, but it is completely bloated and bulky, lacking in layering and solidity. A good low frequency should be clean and crisp, with distinct layers, and not sloppy, even if various low-frequency instruments such as big and small drums, bass guitar and piano bass can be easily distinguished. So don't be easily fooled by the low-frequency volume, the low-quality low-frequency is not as natural and comfortable as the clean sound.

Test mid-range vocals

The human voice is the most commonly heard voice, and it is not difficult to detect the pros and cons. Pay attention to whether the voice has an unusual nasal sound or the feeling of being pursed. Some loudspeaker "squeaks" can also significantly interfere with the midrange, making the sound in this range muffled. The mid-frequency sound is more serious than other frequencies, because most of the audible sound frequencies, or the frequencies of the music, are concentrated in the mid-frequency range, which is a replay for almost all kinds of music. obstacles

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