How to choose home theater audio​?

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 How to choose home theater audio​?

                                             How to choose home theater audio?

Ordinary home theater is also a complete home theater, and the most important equipment is audio. If you want to make a normal home theater, the only thing you can't save is the sound.

Want to buy ordinary home theater audio should pay attention to these points.

Ordinary home theater shopping guide: 1. To choose accurate sound without obvious shortcomings or excessive sound coloration, do not choose too bright or too thin audio equipment.

Ordinary home theater shopping guide: 2, do not deliberately pursue such as the treble is particularly beautiful, the bass is particularly strong, only the middle, high and low bass are balanced to listen to

Ordinary home theater purchase guide: 3. Different listening environments have different requirements for equipment, and the impact of rooms on heavy sound cannot be ignored. Large spaces should use large speakers, and small spaces should use small speakers.

Ordinary home theater purchase guide: 4. It is very important that the equipment has its own personality, a reasonable combination, and conforms to its own appreciation habits.

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