How to choose the installation location of marine audio?

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 How to choose the installation location of marine audio?

                                  How to choose the installation location of marine audio

When shopping for a boat stereo, you must consider where it will be installed and where the accompanying speakers will be installed. If you're just replacing an old stereo, in this case, the easiest and most convenient option is to buy a stereo of the same size so that it can be embedded directly into the original space.

If the stereo you choose is not the same size as the old one, you will need to correct (enlarge or fill) the gap according to the shape and size of the new marine stereo so that the stereo you choose will fit it. Some marine stereos have different shapes for the same model, such as the BOSS MGR350B stereo, which has round or square options, but most of the models are round.

Using high-power audio

Offshore marine stereos require a lot of volume. There is a lot of noise in the marine environment, such as the noise of a pier, the hum of an engine or the crashing of the waves. At the same time, you also have to worry that the wind will "blow away" the sound.

This means that if you want to hear your music clearly, you need to play it loud, which is where a very powerful marine speaker is needed. Generally, configuring 4 or more speakers is one of the most common ways to improve the sound of the sound. If that's not enough, you can also install a separate amplifier on board.

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