How to control multiroom speakers

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 How to control multiroom speakers

                                   How to control multiroom speakers

Is the WiFi speaker multi-room control function magical, but how is this magical function realized? In fact, this is directly related to the working principle and connection method of WiFi speakers. As long as multiple WiFi speakers are in the same network environment, this multi-room listening function can be realized through a unified network. Our mobile phones can play different music in different rooms through this network environment, and can also add list tracks to other rooms. The APP in the mobile phone can control all the music in the system.


Of course, in addition to multi-room playback, WiFi speakers can also achieve the function of two speakers forming a pair of 2.0 channels, that is, you can use two WiFi speakers to play the left and right channels separately, and the overall playability and combination effect are more Powerful, multi-room function is also one of the many advantageous functions of WiFi speakers, and this listening method is less susceptible to external feelings, and the transmission effect is stronger, ensuring the entertainment of listening.

In fact, in addition to the powerful multi-room control function of the WiFi speaker, there are many other things that can be said about the overall playability. In this issue of the WiFi lecture hall, we will introduce it to our friends first, thank you!

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