How to deploy speakers to have immersive surround sound?

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How to deploy speakers to have immersive surround sound?

              How to deploy speakers to have immersive surround sound?

First of all, under the conditions, if you can go to 7.1, you should not go to 5.1. 7.1 surround is complete, and 5.1 is the result of compromise. 5.1 has no voice behind it. Think about how immersive it is. If you can 7.1.4, don't go to 7.1.2, the four sky channels have a sense of positioning, and the two sky channels only have a sense of atmosphere. Then there's the question of equipment and budget. If you want to use 7.1.4 panoramic sound, there are two options for the power amplifier. The 11-channel front and rear output are combined. There is only one Anthem MRX1120 on the market. The budget of the power amplifier is directly over 20,000. Compress the sound space. Another option is a combined power amplifier with 11-channel front output and 9-channel rear output, such as the Marantz 7010, and then a cheap power amplifier of several thousand dollars, and the input of the power amplifier can be compressed to over 10,000. . In terms of sound, I roughly estimate that the budget needs to be at least between 50,000 and 60,000, which can achieve relatively good results. But it depends on your house type and your personal preferences to determine which product to use. In terms of wiring, it is necessary to determine the specific location according to the floor plan.

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