How to make the sound better

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How to make the sound better

                           How to make the sound better of loudspeaker

The right room is very important for the sound effect of the home theater. For the home listening room, for the final sound effect, we try not to choose a square room or a room where the length of one side is an integral multiple of the length of the other side, otherwise you will find When playing music, it will produce severe resonance and destroy the sound quality. So what kind of room is most suitable for private home theater? You should try to choose a room whose length, height, and width are in line with the golden ratio ratio, such as 1:1.25:1.6, 1:1.6:2.5, or 1:2.5:3.2, and rooms close to this ratio, and at the same time In the private theater sound decoration, we also need to make simple transformations of those disproportionate parts so that the proportion of the room can meet the above proportion requirements as much as possible, and lay the initial foundation for the perfect sound effect.

home theatre system

In addition, it is recommended that in addition to the necessary supplies and seats in the room, try not to add other furniture. Because in the case of a limited room volume, without adding other furniture, the net space of the room can be enlarged and it is convenient to create a grand sound field.

2. Use furniture to tune

If you have to place furniture, you can also use the furniture to tune the sound. Try to choose simple and compact furniture, and the material can be fabric or leather sofa. Such furniture has little effect on the sound field of the listening room. In addition, reasonable selection of sound-absorbing and diffusing materials is also very important. When decorating the walls of home theaters, we must choose materials with sound-absorbing and diffusing functions. In addition, the layout of furniture also has a certain effect on the change of sound quality. Thicker curtains can absorb a large amount of mid and high tones, thereby increasing the softness of the sound and reducing reverberation. The use of thinner curtains can make the sound of the middle and high The high pitch becomes vivid.

Large furniture can affect the low-frequency response of the room. For example, the position changes of furniture such as large soft sofas can significantly change the bass effect in the room. For the indispensable connecting lines, we can embed them during the decoration. The power supply circuit of the home theater audio equipment needs to be separately wired. Try not to share the same line with the power supply circuit of other electrical appliances for the home theater audio equipment to ensure that it will not affect the sound quality of the theater audio.

3. Dim light is good for listening

For private home theaters, in fact, moderately dim ambient light is very helpful to improve the appreciation of private home theaters. We can install a low-intensity light below 15W on the side of the equipment, keeping them as far away from each other as possible. In order to facilitate the operation, ceiling lamps can be installed in appropriate positions in the listening room. Do not choose fluorescent lamps. The hum of the ballast of fluorescent lamps will cause certain noise interference. In addition, we should try to isolate the interference of external light. In order to block the sun or other outdoor light, curtains, blinds, etc. can be installed on the window. The curtain material can be dark thick dense fabric. If you choose blinds, you should choose a shading type.

Small room acoustics is a complicated system. If you want to get a better acoustic environment, professional design is needed. Through the design and adjustment of the system, private home theaters will have more perfect sound effects.

Let's talk about three-point equipment:

It is difficult to explain the tuning equipment in detail, and the tuning methods of each brand are also different. Here is only one trick. If you want the audio to play a shocking effect, the tuning of the subwoofer is very important.

Subwoofers usually have some basic control adjustment parameters that need to be adjusted, mainly including crossover point, volume, phase, etc., and I will explain them one by one below:

1, crossover point

Adjust the low-pass filter of the subwoofer according to the type of the main speakers of the home theater. The main speaker is large, and you only need to let the lowest frequency part of the signal through the subwoofer. You can set the frequency split point between 60Hz and 80Hz; the main speaker is medium in size, so the low-pass filter split point can be set Slightly higher, such as between 80Hz and 100Hz; the main speaker is very small, it is best to set the crossover point as high as possible (usually 120Hz to 150Hz).

2, volume

Home theaterThe law of different frequency bands affecting the human ear’s perception of loudness:

1). At the point where the frequency value f=1000 HZ, the loudness value is equal to the value of the corresponding sound pressure level.

2) At 3000 HZ, this frequency region is the hearing sensitive area of the human ear. Therefore, when mixing, increase the sound level in this frequency band, and the overall loudness will increase significantly.

3). In f home theater audio, the mid- and low-frequency sound with the same loudness as 1000 HZ must have a greater sound pressure level.

4) In the low frequency range of f<100HZ, the sound pressure level increases slightly, and the low frequency loudness will immediately increase significantly, but if it decreases slightly, the bass will be immediately inaudible.

5) In the high frequency region of f>5kHZ, the sound pressure level and loudness of the home theater sound are basically the same. However, when the sound frequency exceeds 7kHZ, the sensitivity will be reduced to a certain extent.

It is worth noting that the subwoofer must not be turned on excessively. Even when watching a large movie, it must be turned on to a moderate volume, and it must not exceed 2/3 of the total volume. It is even less important to listen to music at too high a volume, which will cause serious distortion of your listening effect.

3. Phase

Sound as a form of vibration wave is of course periodic, so there is the concept of phase. The purpose of subwoofer phase adjustment is to have the same phase as the main speaker, so that the sound will not be canceled out and will produce a more harmonious In terms of sound, the overall sound effect of the main speaker/subwoofer is more balanced.

Changing the phase will have a positive and negative effect on the acoustic effects you hear in the listening room, so that the sound effects you hear at the listening position will be different.

Finally, it is not so difficult to debug the theater audio. You can read the design manual and product description carefully, and adjust it slowly, as long as the sound field is not damaged. The most important thing is that you have to be patient and patient enough, so that you are not afraid of bad adjustments.

All of the above are personal experience and viewpoints. If there are any shortcomings, you are welcome to add home theater audio

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