How to place home theatre speakers

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 How to place home theatre speakers

                                             How to place home theatre speakers

The power handling of the listening room is an important part of the placement of the home theater, and the correct placement of the home theater is also an important factor affecting the playback effect. After the decoration of the room is completed, in addition to the appropriate use of various sound-absorbing materials for acoustic treatment, it is also necessary to properly adjust the placement of the speakers in order to obtain a better sound reproduction effect. Generally speaking, the speaker should be adjusted between about 50cm~100cm from the back wall. Properly move the position of the speakers symmetrically to the front, rear, left and right, and compare the sound playback effect, and finally the most ideal sound playback effect can be obtained.

A typical arrangement of home theater speakers is shown in the attached image. The L and R speakers in the picture are the front main speakers, and C is the center speaker (which can generally be placed on the top of the TV). SL and SR are left and right surround speakers. The subwoofer can be placed in the corner of the wall or beside the main speaker, and the placement is more flexible. SC is the rear surround speaker.

When installing a stylish home theater in a study, bedroom or dining room, you can also refer to the location in the picture to properly adjust the arrangement. However, since it is often impossible to achieve a very standard layout in this type of room, we can focus on the placement of the main speakers and the center speakers, and we do not have to force the surround speakers to meet the standard placement.

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