How to simplify the sound system of marine audio ?

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 How to simplify the sound system of marine audio ?

                                How to simplify the sound system of marine audio ?

A sound system in the general sense consists of the following:

Host (audio source)-----signal amplification (power amplifier)----speaker (high-middle bass)-----subwoofer (increase dynamic)

However, this kind of long line is very complicated, a little carelessness will cause failure, and it is difficult to repair, and it will also cause hidden dangers to the safety of the ship.

At present, the most reasonable and effective practice in the industry is to simplify the audio system as much as possible:

Host (audio source, built-in high-power amplifier) ----- speaker (requires high, mid-bass balance, especially good bass dive)

To achieve high-quality sound quality while simplifying the system, it is necessary to use high-efficiency and low-heat power amplifiers. At present, the most common application on yachts is Class-D technology. high. Fusionz's patented Class-D high-power amplifier is specially designed and is praised by audiophiles as the "spring of Class-D amplifiers", which can fully drive speakers with a peak power of 280W. The more important role of this design is to ensure the safety of the ship.

Regarding the opening of the horn, it is also one of the safety aspects of the ship. At present, the yacht design has a new certification requirement for the installation of the opening of the horn - ISO12216 (D1.1 for Areas II, III and IV).

ISO12216 standard English name: Small Craft - Windows, Portlights, Hatches, Deadlights And Doors - Strength And WatertightnessRequirements.

Chinese standard title: Small craft - Windows, portholes, hatches, portholes and doors - Strength and impermeability requirements.

Whether it is on the front and rear decks or the open-air flybridge, with this guarantee, under the premise of correct installation, you can be safe and sound and enjoy the wonderful music.

Written by : Davecl Audio.

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