How to solve the sound effect of Marine audio in the open environment?

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How to solve the sound effect of Marine audio in the open environment?

                   How to solve the sound effect of Marine audio in the open environment?

The open environment on the yacht signifies that the space is infinite, which poses a problem for the sound effect, because the volume of the speakers is designed according to the size of the space.

There is a positive proposition in the audio field: the size of the sound of the speaker is proportional to the power consumption, that is, the louder the sound, the greater the power required, and the larger the volume of the speaker, so what should we do in this open environment?

How to make the speaker have crystal-like sound and strong penetration, enjoy the breathtaking sound reproduction, and at the same time not consume excessive power? It used to be a problem for designers scratching their heads.

But human wisdom is boundless. At present, Fusion's yacht speakers generally use specially designed voice coils (such as Fusion's large voice coil design) and special material cones (such as CURV), which are leading the industry in the same industry.

The large size voice coil provides abundant power and higher efficiency for the speaker without requiring a large volume of magnets, which can reduce the volume of the speaker reasonably.

CURV is a composite material that can be thermoformed, resulting in a lighter cone, better strength, clearer and more powerful sound.

These special materials have been carefully matched to successfully solve the above problems of yacht horns, which are widely welcomed by the market.

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