How to use wifi stereo

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How to use wifi stereo

                      How to use wifi stereo

1. Direct connection through wired network port

The WiFi speaker has an RJ45 network port in the interface area on the back, so the easiest and most direct way is to connect through a wired network, but this disadvantage is also quite obvious, making the speaker not truly wireless, and it will be limited by the length of the network cable when placed. It is not easy to leave a long distance from the router. For netizens with a large home area, this wired connection method is obviously not suitable.

2. Connect through the wired network port and then set up the wireless network

After the WiFi speaker is connected to the local area network through the LAN port, most products can log in to the speaker by entering the intranet IP of 192.168.1.X through the address bar of the browser like a router. After logging in like a router, you can perform various network functions of the speaker. settings.

At this point, you can find the option of wireless network. After setting the SSID and password of the access point, turn off the speaker and remove the network cable, and restart to connect to the selected wireless network.

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