How to wire the ceiling speaker?

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 How to wire the ceiling speaker?

                                                How to wire the ceiling speaker?

Ceiling speakers can be divided into many types. The types of installation in different places are also different, and the installation methods are also different. Here we will first talk about the installation of home-style ceiling speakers. First of all, it is necessary to punch holes to avoid damaging the ceiling, especially the ceiling of the gypsum ceiling. Generally, a special hole opener is used.



1. Selection of hole diameter

The diameter of the opening is in accordance with the opening size specified by each ceiling speaker, but in actual construction, it can be slightly larger, so that it is easier to install and remove, especially for gypsum ceilings. It is easy to damage the plasterboard when it is down.

2. Ceiling speaker installation - wiring installation

The wiring layout of the ceiling speaker in the living room is best done together with the electrician's wiring. Since the speaker wire is weak current, it cannot be connected with the electrician's strong current.

(AC220 volts) are too close, if there is a PVC pipe, the distance is 500px, these are to avoid the appearance of interference factors, but in general

The wiring should still follow the weak circuit lines or strong currents arranged by the electrician as much as possible to avoid clutter, and the electrician wiring will generally leave an inspection port, and the speaker wire should be different from other lines, so that it can be clearly distinguished in future maintenance.

How to wire the ceiling speaker

4. PVC pipe placement

The PVC pipe of the speaker line can be fixed on the hanging bars of the ceiling. It is also necessary to consider the position of the speaker point in the actual construction process and the position of other lights, the position of the fire sprinkler, the air outlet of the air conditioner, and the shape of the ceiling cap, etc. If the installation position of the speaker is repeated with the lamp position, or it is designed at the air outlet of the air conditioner, it will affect the appearance, and those with higher requirements will pay attention to these, so they must also be considered.

How to wire the ceiling speaker

5. The wiring of the speaker cable

The speaker wire is made of PVC, and the PVC pipe is bent with a spring to ensure that the wires in each pipe can be freely drawn from the junction box.

It is also convenient for future maintenance, threading and changing. Usually the electrician waits for the painter to finish the painting, and then installs various lights, which also avoids a lot of trouble.

How to wire the ceiling speaker

6. Line Check

The last thing to pay attention to is that the wiring must be checked before the system starts up and running (after the wiring is laid out, the wiring should be checked once before closing the ceiling). Ceiling speaker installation is complete

How to wire the ceiling speaker

7. Advantages

In fact, it has many advantages. It can not only save space, but also decorate the ceiling. The important thing is that the ceiling can be used for sound insulation, and it can even solve the problems of sound diffraction and box vibration. It is perfect. On this kind of speaker, I believe we must like it very much.

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