Improve from speaker entry to master--Continued

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Improve from speaker entry to master--Continued

            Improve from speaker entry to master--Continued

5. Good speakers can hear the most subtle messages in the music background

The degree of expression of the details of the music by the speaker determines the resolution of the speaker. A box with high resolution can contain a huge amount of music information, especially music background information. So that people can not hear more music details, harmonic aftermath and multi-angle, multi-directional, diversified, multi-level music sound field through the theme unit. Listen to the first song "The Forgotten Time" from Taiwan's Dianjiang album "Folk Song Tsai Chin" (DJCD-96108). The first few lines are a cappella singing: "Who is beating my window, who is twitching the strings," That period of forgotten time gradually rose to my mind..." When a good speaker performed this period, although the singing voice was a cappella, the details were never monotonous. The duration was 3 seconds, 9 seconds, 12 seconds, and 17 seconds. The breathing sound between the second sentences, the teeth of the opening lips and the reverberation of the vocal tail sound, are so clear as if Cai Qin is quietly singing to you in your ears. High-resolution speakers can even let you hear the subtle sound of the band's music sheet flipping and the player's footsteps sliding gently on the ground during the band's performance. Don't think that the author is blowing it up. As long as the CD is recorded well and the playback equipment is of high quality, everything is possible.

DEBUG comment: Let’s look at it in two. At least on multimedia speakers, most of the products with very clear tooth sound are actually problematic in crossover processing...

A good speaker can faithfully reflect and reproduce the various signal sources recorded on the disc. It can be colorful, or it can be slender to a tremor in the air, and it is invisible. Therefore, before choosing speakers, prepare a CD that has a lot of music information and is familiar to you. For example, Zhu Zheqin's "Yang Jinma" (film number YT-84) recorded by Taiwan UFO Records is an amazing piece of music information. The test machine disc. Listening to this disc, you can distinguish the snow breeze of Everest in the background through Zhu Zheqin’s crystal-clear special singing. The Himalayans pushed aside the chai, and started the day's work on the squeaky fresh snow in the early morning. You can even hear a few pictures of Sahuan’s Valley of the Wind in the north of Tibet very clearly. It is impossible for speakers with poor resolution to provide such a rich musical feast.

Of course, when auditioning the resolution of the speakers, you should be cautious with using particularly explosive signal sources, such as artificial electronically synthesized blockbuster movies, strong shocking heavy metal rock music, percussion, etc. This kind of music can certainly leave a deep impression on people. Frequent, but the huge loudness will conceal many of the inherent deficiencies of the equipment. At the same time, don't turn on the volume to be deafening, because the human ear has strict limits on the loudness of the sound. Once the sound exceeds the limit, the absorption will become dull, even unbearable for a while. There is no question of judging the details of music at all.

Six, a good speaker allows you to hear accurate sound and image positioning

The so-called sound image localization refers to where each instrument in the performance is pronounced. For example, in a large symphony concert, speakers with well-positioned sound and image will make you feel the display of the orchestra as shown in the following figure: the first violin and the second violin group are generally located on the left side of the stage, the piano and harp are on the left and the right side of the stage is generally It's the cello array, and later it's the double bass array. In the center of the stage are viola array, flute, oboe, garden horn, big pipe, trombone, trumpet, percussion and timpani.

A good speaker can accurately reproduce the hierarchical sound field positioning. Even if you are not an enthusiast, you can still hear the sounds of various instruments from different positions such as the front, back, left and right of the virtual stage in front of you under the guidance of experts. It's just a mixed melody of various sounds from two point sound sources of speakers. Better speakers, listen to them in a professional audition room that has undergone strict acoustic treatment and a moderate size. You can even feel the unique spatial and liveness of the music concert!

Of course, as far as the average consumer is concerned, it is impossible for you to have such a good professional audition room for you to listen to. They can only choose speakers in the harsh acoustic environment randomly placed by the audio store. But it doesn’t matter. Bring a few CDs that know the placement of the musical instruments in advance, such as the Yin Chengzong Piano Concerto "Yellow River", performed by the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra and directed by Adrian Lipper: Live recording of the performance. View from the stage: Piano It is placed in the middle and left of the front row of the stage, the cello is on the right, the double bass is on the right and the back, the wind horns are on the center and the back, and the violin group is on the left and back. If you are sitting in front of the speaker and replaying the recording, you should also feel the sound field positioning effect very close to the live courtyard. That is, the piano sound is absolutely located to the left of the center. A good speaker should be able to hear the high pitch of the piano sound when the piano is played solo, while the low pitch is centered. At the same time, Yin Chengzong's hands will be bounced back and forth between the left and right positions of the piano to produce an extremely beautiful sound image movement. Poor speakers may hear that there are pianos on both sides of the speakers at the same time, or the double bass that should have belonged to the right speaker becomes the middle or left sound, causing a chaotic sound field. This kind of speaker professional term is called phase difference or phase disorder, which is definitely not desirable.

For another example, when listening to a CD vocal disc, the vocals are emitted from the left and right speakers, but the actual feeling to you is that the singer is standing in the middle of the speakers and singing in a position where there are no speakers at all. This phenomenon is called spatial sound source imaging. Good speakers, almost everyone can feel this kind of sound source structure. The best speakers can make you feel that the person is singing right in front of you when you close your eyes and listen, and it can even make you feel the height of the character and the size of the mouth of the singing. This is also the so-called "positioning", which sounds a bit "mysterious". In fact, a speaker that can hear the sound source correctly "positioned" is a high-fidelity speaker, and of course it can be called a good speaker.

7. There is no conflict between Hi-Fi speakers and AV speakers, but there is some emphasis

As the home theater continues to heat up, many friends often call to consult the author when buying speakers, saying that there are many speakers designed and produced specifically for the configuration of "home theater" on the market nowadays, and some are even world-renowned manufacturers specifically for China's "home theater" is tailor-made. So, do these specially designed AV speakers adopt any new technology and new technology? Are they different from the Hi-Fi music box in the traditional sense? How big is the difference between the two? Many friends have indicated that the speaker of their choice should be able to enjoy music and watch blockbuster movies, and occasionally play karaoke, eat three! So it’s undecided whether to choose dedicated AV speakers or Hi-Fi speakers. Except for a handful of outstanding personalities, most of them have very good acoustic restoration capabilities and are absolutely capable of "home theater". Various sound effects. Even a small bookshelf box such as Mengpai 700, although the low frequency of the unit is insufficient, but with an active subwoofer, it can still be extremely explosive! The only difference is that the so-called home theater box is just a little magnetic shielding treatment on the speaker to prevent magnetizing the screen when it is too close to the TV (usually within 35 cm). Then there is the intention to exaggerate the low frequency end of the crossover to enhance the bass effect. The cone of the horn should also be made of lighter, thinner, and more rigid materials for faster speed and higher sensitivity. The quality of most AV speakers is not high, and the distortion is often relatively large. However, when used to watch European and American action movies, the volume is often turned on, and there are many wonderful and intense shots that attract your attention and there is no time to be distracted to pay attention to the performance of the sound. This cleverly conceals many inherent deficiencies and distortions, and does not meet the requirements of real home theater speakers. A real home theater box requires a higher resolution and a good sound field reproduction, and at the same time it must not be noisy. At the same time, these requirements are exactly the same for Hi-Fi speakers. Really good speakers are impossible to reject home theater. But the so-called dedicated AV box that can only be used for home theater is definitely not a good box. Generally speaking, in the International Audio Show held in Las Vegas every year, many five-star speakers on the list have never been on the list of "home theater" dedicated boxes. In fact, the dedicated home theater box for the Chinese market is a popular and cheap product derived from the needs of the VCD that is popular in our country. The reason why we dare to talk about the short and long-term status of Hi-Fi speakers today is mostly due to the hype of the manufacturers and the misleading of the advertisements. Therefore, when you set up a home theater, the author reminds you that you should give priority to a pair of high-performance Hi-Fi speakers as the main box. The rest of the center and surround should also be selected in strict accordance with the above requirements, and it is best to buy brand-name products produced by regular Hi-Fi manufacturers. By the way: For those who want to enjoy blockbuster movies and prefer to play karaoke, choosing a pair of three-way floor-to-ceiling boxes can save you the trouble of having a subwoofer and the fear of burning the tweeter. May wish to pay more attention.

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