In-wall speaker, an important member of the home theatre

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 In-wall speaker, an important member of the home theatre

                         In-wall speaker,  an important member of the home theatre

There is an important member in the home theater audio system, the in-wall speaker, also known as the embedded speaker, this kind of speaker is installed by burying the speaker box in the wall, just like the central air conditioner, only a speaker panel and the wall are exposed. body parallel. Such a design can save a lot of space and make the visual field of the audio-visual space a lot wider.

In the past, many enthusiasts generally believed that compared with floor-standing speakers, in-wall speakers with a thickness of only ten centimeters would definitely not be able to match the sound quality and tone of traditional swing-out speakers. However, with the continuous development of the home theater audio custom installation concept and industry, more and more in-wall speaker products have appeared, ranging from one hundred yuan to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan. The span is quite large, and the access of enthusiasts and enthusiasts is not only cheap in-wall speakers, but many top products that can express perfect "beautiful sound" have attracted everyone's attention.

A built-in speaker with reasonable design and exquisite materials, its sound quality and timbre can also achieve the effect of "fever", and the embedded installation can also bring some acoustic benefits, such as avoiding the diffraction caused by the edge of the box. coloration of incoming sound; avoid the adverse effects of low-frequency reflections caused by the wall behind the speaker; improve the low-frequency efficiency of the speaker; and so on. Moreover, in-wall speakers can be integrated with the decoration of the audio-visual room in the home theater design, or hidden in the decoration of the audio-visual room, and will not occupy the floor space.

Of course, if you choose in-wall speakers for your home theater sound system, there are some issues to be aware of.

First, choose in-wall speakers because they are closer to the wall and don’t have as much room for acoustic treatment, but still need to fill the limited wall cavity with acoustic material. If the speaker is not installed in the wall, but installed on the wooden structure, it needs to be firmly supported, so as not to be disturbed by vibration when the speaker is working due to its instability, which will affect the sound effect.

In an audio-visual room using embedded speakers, the inherent acoustic defect "standing wave" of the room is more likely to be excited. In order to overcome this adverse effect, it is necessary to pay attention to the processing of standing waves in the acoustic treatment of the room.

In addition, the use of embedded speakers for home theater audio requires pre-planning, and the wiring and installation of speakers should be considered when decorating and designing a room. Different embedded speakers have different sizes. Therefore, when decorating and designing the audio-visual room, it is necessary to determine the placement position of the home theater audio, wiring and wiring, and the size of the opening of the speaker. It is necessary to ensure that after the speaker is installed in place, the box and the wall or the wood that carries the speaker is in place. The structure fits snugly.

In addition, the wall on which the front speakers are installed should be a continuous surface, and the installation position of the speakers should not be too high or too low to avoid low-frequency drop and comb filtering effects.

As an important member of the home theater audio system, in-wall speakers have been accepted by many enthusiasts and audiophiles, and many people use this beautifully designed, space-saving audio product in their home theater. Combined with the characteristics of its own audio-visual space, choose the most suitable in-wall speaker, and its performance on music is enough to make people amazed.

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