Knowledge for HiFi Audio--Continued

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Knowledge for HiFi Audio--Continued

                                     Knowledge for HiFi Audio (2)


2. Sound unit

After introducing some basic parameters of the speaker, let's understand the categories of each unit on the speaker, which are generally divided into three frequency bands: high, medium, and low.

1. High-frequency speaker unit

As the name suggests, the tweeter is a speaker unit for replaying high-frequency sound. Its structure mainly includes horn type, cone type, dome type and aluminum belt type.

The horn-type tweeter has strong directivity, so powerful energy can be felt on the front of the horn, which is mostly used for high-power sound reinforcement.

Cone-type tweeters are more common in old-fashioned speakers due to the large and heavy diaphragm area, and their high-frequency characteristics are not as good as other types of tweeters.

The ball tweeter is currently the most commonly used tweeter in household speakers and small monitor speakers. Dome tweeters are divided from the dome structure, which can be divided into positive dome units and reverse dome units; from the dome material, they are divided into two categories: hard dome and soft dome.

The diaphragm materials of the hard dome tweeter include aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy composite film, glass film and so on. The tweeter played back by the hard dome tweeter has a bright tone and a metallic feel. It produces excellent aluminum alloy and titanium alloy composite dome tweeters, which can also perform classical music and vocals well.

The diaphragm materials of the soft dome tweeter include silk membrane, silkworm thread membrane, rubber membrane and bulletproof cloth membrane. The soft dome tweeter has a dexterous and relaxed treble when replaying music, and has a good natural expressive power. It is especially handy when expressing classical music, vocals and other music with standard listening concepts.

2. IF speaker unit

The frequency response curve of the mid-frequency loudspeaker is flat, and the effective frequency response range is larger than the width of the sound reproduction frequency band it bears in the system, and the impedance is consistent with the sensitivity and the low-frequency unit. The midrange unit generally has two types: cone and dome. The diaphragm is mainly made of soft materials such as paper cone and silk membrane. Occasionally, there are a small amount of alloy dome diaphragm.

3. Low frequency speaker unit

For a variety of different speakers, the quality factors of low frequency speakers are also different. Generally speaking, the larger the caliber, magnet and voice coil diameter of the low-frequency loudspeaker, the better the low-frequency playback performance and transient characteristics, and the higher the sensitivity.

The structure of the woofer is mostly cone type, and a few of them are flat type. There are many types of woofer C, including aluminum alloy diaphragms, ceramic diaphragms, carbon fiber diaphragms, glass fiber diaphragms, acrylic diaphragms, paper diaphragms, and so on. The woofer using aluminum alloy diaphragm and glass fiber diaphragm generally has a relatively small caliber and higher power consumption, while the woofer using reinforced paper cone and glass fiber diaphragm has more accurate sound when replaying music, and the overall balance is good.

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